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What It’s Like To Have Your Favorite Comedic Actors Film An Indie Comedy In Your House

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Last year Tom Lennon and Ben Garant's "Hell Baby" debuted in theaters. Did you see it? Well, it was filmed in my house. This is my story.

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Chris Hardwick Joins Forces With Tom Lennon & Ben Garant For New Late Night Comedy Central Show

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So it looks like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are getting their own Jimmy Fallon/Craig Ferguson: Nerdist honcho Chris Hardwick.


Jack Black To Do Robot Apocalypse Comedy?


Now that Steven Spielberg's signed up to direct an adaptation of <a href="">Daniel H. Wilson's novel Robopocalypse</a>, we're finally seeing some renewed interest in a movie adaptation of his other robot book, How To Survive A Robot Uprising.

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Still a little better than Balls of Fury

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For people who can't stop fantasizing about Kerri Kenney, New Sensations and Rule 34 have teamed up to bring you <a href="">Reno 911: A XXX Parody</a>.

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