Watch Netflix’s Ominous Teaser For Kyle Chandler’s ‘Bloodline’

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Netflix has released a teaser trailer for their new drama series 'Bloodlines' starring Kyle Chandler, and its ominous tone and star-studded cast could make the show another winner for Netflix


Rogue Submarine Captain Jude Law Scottishly Steals Nazi Gold In ‘Black Sea’

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Hitler's submarine is full of gold and Scottish Jude Law is going to find it.

ryan gosling

INTERVIEW: Place Beyond the Pines director Derek Cianfrance: “Ryan Gosling is magic.”

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Place Beyond the Pines opened in New York and LA last Friday, and hits a handful more cities today.


Method Acting: Ben Mendelsohn wanted to have his teeth pulled for ‘Place Beyond the Pines’

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The stories of Daniel Day-Lewis's method acting are legion, from sending Sally Field text messages in character as Abraham Lincoln to building his character's house himself using 17th-century tools for The Crucible.


TRAILER: Place Beyond the Pines is Drive with motorcycles or something

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Drive had Ryan Gosling, acclaimed indie director Nicholas Winding Refn, it-girl (I still don't really know what that means, but it seems accurate) Carey Mulligan, and vroomy-vroom vroom getaway cars.

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