Watch Ernie Get A Colonoscopy On ‘Conan’ To Celebrate The 45th Anniversary Of ‘Sesame Street’

Conan O'Brien's operating room conversation with Ernie from Sesame Street went to some weird places on last night's 'Conan'.

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You Can Forget All About ‘Flappy Bird’ Because Sesame Street Has Created The Far Superior ‘Flappy Bert’


Just as addictive and annoyingly impossible as the original, with the added benefit of Bert calling out for Ernie every time you misfire.

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The 'New Yorker' Puts Bert & Ernie On Its Cover To Celebrate The Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Rulings


This may be the closest we ever come to having Bert and Ernie come out, so let's embrace it.


Thankfully, Bert And Ernie Will Stay In The Closet, Not Get Gay-Married

As you may have heard, some people on the internet have been petitioning for the fine folks who run Sesame Street to have Bert and Ernie come out as a gay couple, arguing that such a move would be educate children about gays.

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