super best friends forever

Let This Fluffy Bunny and Cute Cat Show You What Real Friendship Looks Like

By | 7 Comments

The two adorable animals were seen strolling together on a lovely afternoon.


An Iraq Veteran Returned Home To Discover That His Best Friend Renovated His House

By | 6 Comments

Master Sergeant Jacinto Bernardo asked his best friend to watch the new house he'd bought for retirement, and he did way more than that.


The Guys From ‘Workaholics’ Completely Owned The Stage On ‘Conan’ With Their Best Friends Ballad

By | 7 Comments

If this is a little preview of what we'll get in the new season of 'Workaholics,' it's clearly time to get excited.


Dennis Rodman Reached Out To Kim Jong Un To Free Kenneth Bae

By | 3 Comments

According to something known as the “news”, Kenneth Bae is a 44-year old Korean-American who was arrested in North Korea and sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for “hostile acts” against the country.

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