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BEST OF 2013

Death to the Biopic: 11 Movie Concepts That Need to Die in 2014

By | 129 Comments

Death to the celebrity biopic and protagonists who love jazz.


The 9 Best Television Episodes Of 2013

By | 80 Comments

From a brutal episode of "Breaking Bad" to a sweet episode of "Parks & Rec," here are our selections for the best television episodes of the year.


Here Are 10 Of The Best Mashups From 2013 To Help Get You To The New Year

By | 4 Comments

2013 gave us a hundred different versions of "Blurred Lines," but we also got a mashup of Chris Farley and Rob Ford. So it all balanced out in the end.

BEST OF 2013

The 10 Best Things That Happened On TV In 2013

By | 24 Comments

From "Sharknado" to Guy Fieri's stolen Lamborghini to the Red Wedding, we've got you covered.


Ow, My Balls!: The 10 Best Sports Nut Shots Of 2013

By | 19 Comments

Instead of a list of actual important sports moments that inspired and moved us, here are our 10 favorite sports nut shots of the year.


Behold, The Worst Movies Of 2013

By | 181 Comments

The competition was tight and the usual suspects were at their laziest, but here are the worst movies of 2013.

BEST OF 2013

Future Spinoffs: 8 Supporting Actresses We Could’ve Used More of in 2013

By | 32 Comments

Inspired by Vince’s totally excellent “<a href="" target="_blank">10 Awesome Minor Characters We Could Have Used More Of in 2013</a>” feature, I came up with a list of 8 supporting actresses who also deserve their own films [She lies, I assigned it to her.


The Lowest Grossing Movie Of 2013 Only Made $72

By | 46 Comments

The British sci-fi film 'Storage 24' takes the honor of the lowest grossing movie of 2013, having earned just $72 in one theater in the U.S.

BEST OF 2013

2013′s Most Memorable Local News Moments Are A Great Reason To Look Forward To Local News In 2014

By | 5 Comments

This could have been a list entirely dominated by Florida news, but then we'd have to exclude the Kabooyow lady.

BEST OF 2013

Future Spinoffs: 10 Awesome Minor Characters We Could’ve Used More of in 2013

By | 54 Comments

BEST OF 2013: We get the year-end countdowns started with 10 actors playing minor characters we could've used more of in 2013. KNIVES OUT!

BEST OF 2013

The 10 Best Musical Moments On TV In 2013

By | 42 Comments

Never forget that 2013 was the year of "TUSK" on "The Americans."

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