The Best Of #Jesse Pinkman

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Yeah Mr. White! Yeah Internet! If you're like me every time you come across the word "b*tch" your brain automatically adjusts so you hear it in Jesse Pinkman's voice, so now that the Breaking Bad Season 5 countdown is fully on Aaron Paul's iconic character is finally getting the much deserved "Best of #" treatment.


The Best Of #Larry David

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With it being a holiday week and all I initially felt like I should give today's installment some sort of patriotic treatment, but then I could find only so many "Welcome to Earf" GIFs and star spangled bikini bottom photos.


The Best Of #Louie

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Mondays are oh so enjoyable when I get to jump head first into Best of # the week we have a favorite show returning.


The Best Of #Andy Samberg

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Andy Samberg made it official over the weekend that he won't be returning to Saturday Night Live next year, leaving us free to assume that he'll waste away his film career on Happy Madison joints that will chip away at your soul one lazy take at a time.


The Best Of Workaholics' #Adam DeMamp

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To build on our excitement for tonight's Workaholics Season 3 premiere (did someone say live discussion and Q&A with Jillian and Montez?) I want to dedicate this week's Best of # to the show's most relentlessly quotable character: Adam DeMamp.

#bill murray

The Best Of #The Royal Tenenbaums


Moonrise Kingdom opens this week and looks to be glorious, what with all the shirtless Bill Murray + wine bottle.


The Best Of #Andy Dwyer

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With the Parks and Recreation season finale in store for us this Thursday and the triumphant return of Burt Macklin last Thursday, I think it's high time we finally dedicate this spot to everyone's favorite dim-witted-but-lovable Mouse Rat front man, Andy Dwyer.


The Best Of #Avengers Lulz

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Avengers week is finally here, folks.


The Best Of #Forgetting Sarah Marshall

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I've watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall thirty minutes at a time often enough on late night cable to know it's a really good movie.


The Best Of #Leslie Knope

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Parks and Rec finally returns this week, making Thursday night whole once again as we'll enjoy new Community and new Parks for the first time in what seems like an eternity.


The Best Of 'Community's' #Pillows And Blankets

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I've given it some thought over the weekend, and for my money "Pillows and Blankets," the second installment of Abed and Troy's pillow/blanket war, has entered into the "Remedial Chaos Theory" pantheon of Community greatness.


The Best Of #Titanic Lulz

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Easily my favorite thing about the movie Titanic is that it has been out for fifteen years and the internet has had plenty of time to make fun of it.

#game of thrones

The Best Of #Tyrion Lannister

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Waking up the morning after the Mad Men premiere only to begin the countdown to Sunday's Game of Thrones return is one of those rare joys in life that doubles as a reminder that I need to get out more.

#Mad Men

The Best Of #Roger Sterling

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If you asked me to list all the reasons I'm counting down the days to Mad Men's long awaited return this Sunday it would be a near impossibility.


The Best Of 'Community's' #Abed

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I was going to hold off on dedicating this segment to Community until next week, but with the news of animated webisodes hitting Hulu a week before the show's full on return I just couldn't help myself.

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