The Evil Within

Here’s An Hour (!) Of ‘The Evil Within’ Gameplay Scaring Bethesda Employees


'The Evil Within' looks plenty scary in an hour of new footage.

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‘Battlecry’ Finally Lets You Disembowel 32 Of Your Closest Friends

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'Battlecry' encourages the use of steampunk violence on your friends. Because really, don't they deserve it?

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The New 'Wolfenstein: The New Order' Trailer Has Almost No Gunplay, And Is All The Better For It

By | 2 Comments

The latest 'Wolfenstein: The New Order' trailer is some tense, Inglorious Basterds type stuff...

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The ‘Fallout 4′ ARG Was Sadly A Hoax

By | 10 Comments

'Fallout 4' is coming at some point, but later than a fake ARG had us hoping.

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‘Fallout 4′ May Be Announced Next Week

By | 30 Comments

'Fallout 4' is on the way, at least if a teaser site is any indication.

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Here’s Your Introduction To ‘The Elder Scrolls’ In MMO Form

By | 12 Comments

Here's our best look yet at 'The Elder Scrolls Online'...


Bethesda’s Dragonborn Armor Clearly Designed By Georgia O’Keeffe

By | 8 Comments

The Dragonborn has an... interesting design to his helmet.

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Bethesda To PS3 Users: Eat It, Chumps

By | 14 Comments

Want to play Dawnguard? On PS3? Bethesda has some bad news for you.

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'Dishonored' Lets You Choose Between Being A Detective Or Just Murdering Everyone

By | 2 Comments

Do you want to discretely complete missions by playing Sherlock Holmes, or just kill everyone? In Dishonored it's your choice...

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‘Dishonored’ Will Have You Killing People In Ways You Never Imagined

By | 2 Comments

Looks like Dishonored is going to feature some truly inspired sadism...


"Dishonored" GIF Pretty Much Sells the Game Right There


You know, in case the trailer hadn't already sold you, here's a looping GIF of the protagonist goomba-stomping/neck-stabbing some random guard.

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Watch Your Back World of Warcraft — The Elder Scrolls is Going MMO in 2013

By | 6 Comments

Well, you know it had to happen eventually -- The Elder Scrolls series is going MMO in 2013.

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Betheseda Is Still Releasing “Prey 2″, But Is Really Ticked About It

By | 7 Comments

Corporate communications are inherently soulless and boring.

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