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jesus christ marie

Betsy Brandt — AKA Marie From ‘Breaking Bad’ — Couldn’t Bring Herself To Watch All Of ‘Ozymandias’

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If you had trouble watching last week's Breaking Bad, you're not alone. Even actors on the show like Betsy Brandt had trouble watching it.


Watch Conan O’Brien Interview Vince Gilligan And The ‘Breaking Bad’ Cast

By | 14 Comments

I can't believe this wasn't more publicized. I'm still not sure when exactly it was filmed and I'm registered for a "Vince Gilligan talks" Google Alert.


Dammit, Marie: ‘Breaking Bad’s’ Betsy Brandt Lands Cushiest Sitcom Role Of All Time

By | 25 Comments

There are no sure things in television, but Betsy Brandt has landed the closest thing to it.

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