Five Steps The Next Batman Animated Series Should Take

By | 52 Comments

"Beware The Batman" is canceled, but Batman won't be away from animation for long. Here's what he needs when he comes back.


Paul Dini Discusses Why Networks Are Getting Animation So Terribly Wrong

By | 34 Comments

Paul Dini reveals what animation executives are thinking. Surprise! It's terrible!


9 Obscure Batman Villains Ready For The Mainstream Spotlight

By | 31 Comments

Warner Bros. seems to want to promote some of Batman's more obscure villains. Here's some suggestions so they can stop messing around with Magpie and Copperhead...


‘Beware The Batman’ Might Have Already Been Canceled

By | 28 Comments

Eleven episodes in, 'Beware The Batman' has been yanked from the air. And it might not get a chance to redeem itself.


‘Beware The Batman': What We Like And What We Don’t

By | 22 Comments

'Beware the Batman' has promise... but also a few problems that need to be solved.

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