The Gronk Song: Rob Gronkowski Is Good At Football, Gets Boners


It's time to flush the good will and fan song benefit-of-the-doubt earned by Ashkon's "Niners In Paris" down the toilet, because the worst kind of guy who does things on the Internet (the bald, bearded guy wearing sunglasses on his webcam) has created "The Gronk Song - An Original for Rob Gronkowski".


As Always, Tebow’s Win Is About His Religion

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By all accounts, the Denver Broncos’ victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday was a lot of things for NFL fans – entertaining, agonizing, frustrating and exciting to name a few – but for sports writers across the country, it was a second Christmas.


Update: Rob Gronkowski Is Sorry About Being Awesome

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The other day we celebrated New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski for his shameless use of Twitter as a way to hit on ridiculously attractive women, like our beloved Kate Upton.


Rob Gronkowski Knows How To Use Twitter

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Or perhaps that title should read: “Rob Gronkowski knows how to spend a bye week.


Hey You Got MMA In My Porn Movie

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Next month, adult film company Digital Playground is releasing Fighters, an “epic blockbuster” MMA-themed romp starring Kayden Kross and FilmDrunk’s favorite screeching hyena, Jesse Jane.

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