The Gronk Song: Rob Gronkowski Is Good At Football, Gets Boners


It's time to flush the good will and fan song benefit-of-the-doubt earned by Ashkon's <a href="">"Niners In Paris"</a> down the toilet, because the worst kind of guy who does things on the Internet (the bald, bearded guy wearing sunglasses on his webcam) has created "The Gronk Song - An Original for Rob Gronkowski".


As Always, Tebow’s Win Is About His Religion

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By all accounts, the Denver Broncos’ victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday was a lot of things for NFL fans – entertaining, agonizing, frustrating and exciting to name a few – but for sports writers across the country, it was a second Christmas.


Update: Rob Gronkowski Is Sorry About Being Awesome

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The other day we celebrated New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski for his shameless use of Twitter as a way to hit on ridiculously attractive women, like our beloved Kate Upton.


Rob Gronkowski Knows How To Use Twitter

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Or perhaps that title should read: “Rob Gronkowski knows how to spend a bye week.


Hey You Got MMA In My Porn Movie

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Next month, adult film company Digital Playground is releasing Fighters, an “epic blockbuster” MMA-themed romp starring Kayden Kross and FilmDrunk’s <a href="">favorite screeching hyena</a>, Jesse Jane.

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