With Leather’s Watch This: Glen Davis Broke A Motel Computer Because YOLO!

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A motel's surveillance footage showed Magic player Glen Davis throwing a temper tantrum around 4 AM when he couldn't get a room.


15 Ironic T-Shirts The NBA Should Also Sell

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When Orlando Magic and eventual Brooklyn Nets center Dwight Howard agreed to sign his one-year extension to "let the Magic try to keep him", a lot of people were pissed off at Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade when he made fun of Howard on Twitter for his overzealous use of the word "loyalty".

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Pierce Punches Refs, Big Baby Needs a Bib, and Celtics Pull It Out Just In Time

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If you haven't heard, the Boston Celtics are playing the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals in what is being celebrated as the biggest collection of douchebag fans since the teams met in 2008.


Doc Rivers Blames It On The Refs

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As the Boston Celtics closed out their Game 2 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers, Paul Pierce boldly predicted that the NBA Finals would not return to LA, as he of sparse facial hair implied that Boston would win the next three games at home.


Open Thread: Bulls Vs. Celtics Game 7

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Somebody's going home tonight.

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