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Kim Kardashian Is Heading To India’s Version Of ‘Big Brother’

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The reality star is slated to make an appearance on "Big Boss," the country's version of "Big Brother." Maybe this is what will finally #breaktheinternet.


What’s On Tonight: ‘Big Brother’ Is Back And Things Have Already Gotten Racist

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The best (and worst) of tonight's listings, including the premiere of "Big Brother" and some really crappy sounding shows.


The New Season Of ‘Big Brother’ Already Has Its First Controversy About Racist Comments

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"Big Brother 16" hasn't even aired yet and one of its contestants is already in hot water for racist, homophobic comments.

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Meet The Woman Who Planned On Aborting Her Baby To Get On ‘Big Brother’

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Josie Cunningham is planning to abort her baby so she can get on "Big Brother."


A 'Big Brother'-Style South Korean Reality Show Has Been Canceled After A Contestant Committed Suicide

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A South Korean dating show called "Jjak" was canceled last week after a female contestant committed suicide by hanging herself.


Amazon Introduces Prime Air, The Drone Service To Deliver Orders Within 30 Minutes

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Big Brother Amazon is taking the online shopping experience a step further.


Google Patented A Lie Detector That Can Be Glued To Your Throat

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Google has a lie detector it wants to glue to your throat.

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Finally, David Hasselhoff Is Going To Star On Germany’s Celebrity Big Brother

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According to two tabloids, David Hasselhoff will star on Germany's version of Celebrity Big Brother, because Germany loves David Hasselhoff.


A Former ‘Big Brother 15′ Employee Claims That The Reality Show Is Rigged

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A person claiming to be a former Big Brother 15 employee posted a message to the show's Facebook claiming that this season is rigged.


UPDATE: Aaryn And GinaMarie From ‘Big Brother’ Are Still Racist As Hell

By | 35 Comments

Aaryn and GinaMarie continue to be incredibly racist in yet another clip from the "Big Brother" live feed.


CBS Aired A Bunch Of The Racist And Derogatory Comments Made By The ‘Big Brother’ Cast

By | 47 Comments

After a week of criticism, CBS decided to air some of the racist and derogatory comments made by members of the "Big Brother" cast.


‘Big Brother’ Contestant Aaryn Gries Got Fired By Her Modeling Agency For Her Offensive Comments

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Aaryn Gries, one of the racist "Big Brother" cast members, got fired from her modeling agency after clips from the live feed showed up online.


What’s On Tonight: ‘Survivor’ Returns With That Lady From ‘Facts Of Life’

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The return of CBS's 'Survivor,' a couple of finales, and a Netflix recommendation on a slow TV night.

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The FBI’s Face Recognition Project Isn’t Scary

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The FBI has to build a computer system that works as advertised. Yeah, they don't have a great track record with that.


Verisign Wants To Be Able to Kill Your Website At Will


So, Verisign, a name you see on a lot of shopping sites, wants to be able to shut down websites dealing out malware as a default.

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