Big Sean – “Sanctified”

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Sean adds his own verse to 'Mastermind's' gospel record.


Big Sean Ft. Miguel – “Ashley” Video

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Finally. It's about time he dropped the video for "Ashley."


Mike Posner & Big Sean Put On For Detroit In “Top of The World” Video

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The metro Detroit native fulfills his dreams in the first video from his upcoming album <em>Pages</em>.

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Ariana Grande Ft. Big Sean – “Right There” Video

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Congratulations, Ariana, for finding another way to win me over.


DJ Khaled Ft. You Know What…Does It Really Matter?

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I'm no mathematician but I'm pretty sure 99.


Big Sean Takes Fans On The ‘Road To Hall Of Fame’ In New Documentary

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For a mostly inoffensive and rather likeable guy, Big Sean seems to catch a lot of flak.


“It’s Time” – Review Of Big Sean’s ‘Hall Of Fame’

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Hall Of Fame lives in the same land that so many albums today call home: a safe studio bet sure to spawn a handful of singles, with enough tracks and guest verses to trick Average Joe Rap Fan into thinking that something serious might be in the works.

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Papoose Drops Big Sean Diss Song, “First Chain” (Remix)

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Big Sean must've done or said something recently to piss Papoose off.


Big Sean – “10 2 10″ Video

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With the chorus on "10 2 10," it's only a matter of time before Big Sean apologizes to Mexican person in North America and anyone who's ever enjoyed a good Cinco de Mayo celebration.


Big Sean Ft. Lil Wayne + Jhene Aiko – “Beware” Video

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Big Sean's received a huge amount of attention this week due to "Control.


Jay Electronica Shares His Side Of “Control”

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It speaks towards Kendrick's murking of the rap industry that nobody even bothered talking about Hip-Hop hermit Jay Electronica's bars on <a href="">"Control."</a> Any other song, and Elec's name would be a pretty major draw, attracting fans and skeptics alike to see what the notorious recluse was bringing to the mic.

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar’s Verse On Big Sean’s ‘Control’ Is Easily The Best Of The Year

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Kendrick Lamar is the best rapper in the entire galaxy and this just proved it.

No I.D.

Big Sean Ft. Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica – “Control (HOF)”

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Dart Adams made <a href="">an all-caps funny</a> shortly after the monstrous, No I.

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