Here Are All The Movies Disappearing From Netflix In January

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'Beverly Hills Cop' and 'Gladiator' are just two of the titles you'll want to watch before they're gone. Here's the full list.


‘Sleepy Hollow’ And Other Comics Of Note, December 24th

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Yes, it's Christmas Eve, but we've still got comics on the stands to read.


The Fifteen Best New Comics Of 2014

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From 'The Multiversity' to 'Bob's Burgers', here are the funniest, scariest, and best comics of 2014.


Exclusive ‘Batman/Superman’ Sketches, Iron Man, And Other Comics Of Note, November 12th

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Tony Stark's a jerk, Batgirl beats up some cosplayers, and we debut exclusive 'Batman/Superman' sketches in our look at this week's comics.


A Very Mature Response To The Worst Netflix Reviews For ‘Big Trouble In Little China’

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Twenty-eight years ago today, 'Big Trouble in Little China' hit theaters. Let's celebrate by responding to bad Netflix reviews.


BOOM! Studios Made Some Big Announcements Today Including The ‘Big Trouble In Little China’ Comic Book

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BOOM! Studios shared some big news at its ComicPRO presentation today, including a deal with Cartoon Network and a 'Big Trouble in Little China' series.


Boom! Studios Is Bringing ‘Big Trouble In Little China’ Back In Comic Form And More

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BOOM! Studios and Eric Powell Tweeted a teaser for a new 'Big Trouble in Little China' comic book series, with more news coming tomorrow.


Check Out The Incredible Stained Glass Movie Posters Of Designers ‘Von Orton’

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Italian designers and twin brothers Von Orton have created this incredible series of stained glass movie posters for some of our favorite 80s hits.


Celebrate 100 Years Of Movie Trailers With The 10 Greatest Movie Trailers Ever Made

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In honor of the 100th anniversary of the invention of movie trailers, here is a totally scientific and accurate list of the 10 greatest trailers ever made.

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Check Out ‘Donkey-Me,’ The Game That Lets You Play Donkey Kong With Movie Heroes

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Independent game designer Bruno R. Marcos has created 'Donkey-Me,' which lets us play Donkey Kong with heroes like Luke Skywalker or Indiana Jones.


Important Late-Breaking News: Kurt Russell Might Be Joining 'Fast And Furious 7'

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I don’t know if there’s any validity to this, but I like to think that The Expendables and Fast and Furious franchises are having one big pissing contest over which of them can keep adding the bigger names in action movie stardom.


The Original James Bond 1965 Aston Martin DB5 Is For Sale And Worth Every Penny

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As a huge James Bond fanboy – we call ourselves Bondage Enthusiasts – I thoroughly enjoyed Skyfall for a number of reasons, from Javier Bardem’s insane genius villain to Judi Dench’s hot ass.

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Let's Put The Lid On Gangnam Style Parodies With 'David LoPan Style'

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Since being posted on YouTube back in July and gradually taking the world by storm over the past several months, Korean pop superstar Psy’s “Gangnam Style” video has been viewed more than 614 million times.


Supercut: Kurt Russell just as confused by Big Trouble in Little China as you

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Here's an edit of Kurt Russell in Big Trouble in Little China which seems to prove that Jack Burton found the whole thing just as confusing as anyone who watched it.

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