Awful Anti-Gay Bigot Gets The Much-Needed 'Billy Madison' Treatment

By | 25 Comments

Diana Medley is a bigoted Indiana teacher who doesn't believe gay people have a purpose in life. Take it away, speech from "Billy Madison"...


A Brief History Of How Terrible Chick-Fil-A Is

By | 34 Comments

Why did Chick-Fil-A go from quietly bigoted to publicly, horribly, Facebook-teenager-impersonating bigoted?


Archie-Hatin' Moms Freaking Out Over DC and Marvel Gayness Now

By | 7 Comments

The last time we mentioned (Way Less Than) One Million Moms, they were whining about having to explain Kevin Keller getting married in Toys R' Us.


Meme Watch: Almost Politically Correct Redneck Is Here To Offend Everyone

By | 4 Comments

This weekend, Redditor IanL27 posted an image macro which kicked off the hilariously inappropriate "Almost Politically Correct Redneck" meme.

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