A Local Fox Anchor Creeped Out Everyone During A Segment Featuring A Reporter In A Bikini

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What do you get when you add a beautiful reporter in a bikini and a creepy male anchor? You get this video.


Embrace Our Sexy Overlords: The New Bikini Parade World Record Belongs To China

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Last year, we brought you the brave news of 357 Australian women who gathered to raise awareness for the lack of women wearing bikinis on a beach one day while they also broke the Guinness World Record for the longest bikini parade.


The 2012 Vladivostok Bikini Fitness Open Looks Like An Important Event

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I don’t know much about the Russian city of Vladivostok other than it is the largest Russian port on the Pacific Ocean, and I only know that because I found this cool site that has a ton of information on anything you can think of.



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Sadly, I don't know where this takes place, but rest assured I will watch this video as many times as it takes to discover the location of this beach:You don't see many young people working on the fundamentals like these lovely women.

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