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Did You See Taylor Swift’s Belly Button? You Should Look At Taylor Swift’s Belly Button.

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T. Swift shared a single photo of her bikini-clad midriff while on vacation. Meanwhile, that sound you hear is the internet exploding.


This Bikini Girl Trying To Take A Selfie Dubbed With Nature Documentary Narration Is A Flawless Mashup

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This bikini-clad girl took FOREVER to take the perfect selfie, and the internet ridiculed her with the perfect mashup.


Try To Guess How Emmy Rossum Celebrated National Bikini Day


Emmy Rossum is nothing if not literal in her appreciation of National Bikini Day.


‘Slow & Hot With Brittney Palmer’ Keeps Getting Worse, But At Least This Time She’s In A Bikini

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I bet you didn't think 'Slow & Hot with Brittney Palmer' could get worse. Here she is sitting still. IN SLOW MOTION. Uh, in a bikini?


While You Freeze To Death, Here’s Michelle Jenneke Enjoying A Beautiful Australian Summer

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Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke is enjoying a beautiful summer of bikinis and track medals while everybody in the US freezes to death. Seems fair.


Alex Morgan And Sydney Leroux Went To Hawaii And All We Got Was This Lousy Instagram

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US Women's National Soccer Team stars Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux went to Hawaii, wore swimsuits and were kind enough to Instagram it for all to enjoy.

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School Administrator Uses Student's Bikini Photo For Internet Safety Seminar; Girl Sues For $2 Million

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To prove a point about Internet safety, a school administer used a photo of a student in a bikini.


Watch The Pamela Anderson Bikini Ad That Was Banned For Being ‘Degrading To Women’

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Here's the Pamela Anderson commercial that was deemed to be too "sexist" by the British.


Terrible News, Bros: The Miss World Pageant Has Enacted A Bikini Ban

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There are several reasons that I don’t talk about organized religion at all, with the most notable being that the Vatican threatened to have me killed after my 600th request to replace the Virgin Mary in art with pictures of Kate Upton.


Spring Break Lap Dance Fail


An intoxicated and bikini-clad Spring Breaker gets a little overzealous on stage, resulting in a painful exit.


This Russian Girl In A Bikini Knows How To Uphold Her Side Of A Bet

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I’m not much of a gambling man, as I would hate to end up the subject of a 30-for-30-style documentary about incredibly handsome bloggers who blew their entire fortunes by losing money at picking Top Chef winners.

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Arianny Celeste Will Take Off Her Clothes If You Know About Harry Potter

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Okay, so this is the latest edition of 'FilmStrip,' a YouTube show where you have to answer trivia questions about whatever to get UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste to take off her clothes.


Meet The Beautiful-ish Stars Of The Bikini Basketball Association

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Because Lingerie Football and the Bikini Hockey League can't satiate America's desire to see barely-trained women pretend to play sports in their underwear, the Bikini Basketball Association is about to become a thing.

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Vanessa Hudgens & Selena Gomez Finger Each Other in First Spring Breakers clip

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James Franco and Harmony Korine are best known for collaborating on visual art projects about naked cholo chicks riding BMXes and carving "BRAD RENFRO" into Franco's arm, so when it was announced that they'd be working together on the very genre-seeming Spring Breakers, starring a bunch of Disney Channel teenyboppers as bikini bank robbers, needless to say, we were intrigued.


Bikini Fails: The Ultimate Compilation


The best clips of bikini-clad girls doing idiotic things, all in one video.

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