The Retrospection

Bilal – “Back To Love”

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With a new album, A Love Surreal, in the pipeline for a February 12th release, Bilal unveils the first single from the Salvatore Dali-inspired project.


How To Rap Your Way Through A McDonald's Drive-Thru


Now this is how to order fast a boss.

We Got Now

Bilal – “Robots” (7even:Thirty Remix)

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If there are two guys in this world that need to actually collaborate, they're 7even:Thirty and Bilal.


Bilal – “Robots” Video

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The video for Bilal's "Robots" came with a PR that encouraged that it be shared with the intent of helping "the robots amongst us.

TSS Presents Fifteen Minutes With

TSS Presents Fifteen Minutes With Bilal

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Leaks happen when promo copies and advance releases are sent to those irresponsible few music journalists, bloggers and chronologists who use their power for evil.

We Got Now

Marvwon – The Way Of The Won

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The big homie House Shoes sent this over the other day and I've been selfish in hogging this for myself; using it to put a bit of dirt back on my soul after having it sweetened by the plethora of rappers selling out for 15 seconds of fame on the R&B route.

Plug Research Music

Video: Bilal Performs “Levels” Live In NYC

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Bilal performing a new track entitled "Levels," performed recently at the VTech and Plug Research showcase in NYC for CMJ.

Shafiq Husayn

Shafiq Husayn Feat. Bilal – “Cheeba” (Remix)

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As Shafiq En' A-Free-Ka album hits stores today, Shafiq Husayn drops off an elaborate remix of "Cheeba," featuring Bilal on the vocals and production by Nottz.

Return Of Mr. Wonderful Mixtape

Bilal – Return of Mr. Wonderful Mixtape

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In what's shaping up to be a real souled out Sunday, Suave sent this one through the inbox the other day.


Scarface – “Can’t Get Right” Video

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It's always good to see a strong song get an even stronger visual to back it up.

The Master Teacher Sessions EP

SA-RA Feat. Bilal & Georgia – The Master Teacher Sessions EP

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Swiped from Fresh Selects, SA-RA member Shafiq Husayn breaks down two unreleased versions of Badu's "Master Teacher," originally from Nu Amerykah.

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