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Bilal – “Back To Love”

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With a new album, A Love Surreal, in the pipeline for a February 12th release, Bilal unveils the first single from the Salvatore Dali-inspired project.


How To Rap Your Way Through A McDonald's Drive-Thru


Now this is how to order fast a boss.

We Got Now

Bilal – “Robots” (7even:Thirty Remix)

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If there are two guys in this world that need to actually collaborate, they're <a href="">7even:Thirty</a> and Bilal.


Bilal – “Robots” Video

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<a href=""> The video for <a href="">Bilal's</a> "Robots" came with a PR that encouraged that it be shared with the intent of helping "the robots amongst us.

#Kanye West

The Week That Was: The Return To The Gridiron Edition

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<a href=""> After yet another productive outing this week, we all deserve a drink - or five - over the weekend. -- Finally, <a href="">the NFL has returned</a> to take over our weekends and Mondays.

TSS Presents Fifteen Minutes With

TSS Presents Fifteen Minutes With Bilal

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Leaks happen when promo copies and advance releases are sent to those irresponsible few music journalists, bloggers and chronologists who use their power for evil.


Bilal Talks Airtight’s Revenge With Maurice Garland

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<a href=""> Unlike <a href="">Maurice</a>, I have yet to hear <a href="">Bilal's</a> new album <a href="">Airtight's Revenge</a>.


Bilal – “Restart”

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<a href=""> "Have we come too far, to turn it all back around? Or is it too late, to start again?" Mr. Oliver gave you your <a href="">Free</a> song, and now he'll give you another in "Restart.

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Bilal – “Free”

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<a href=""> Chocolate or vanilla. Beatles or Stones. Pac or Biggie. Of all the contentious match-ups, perhaps the greatest in my circle is D'Angelo or Bilal. Not "who is better?" but rather "who would you put on your album?" And my answer is classically whomever is at the forefront of my mind with new music. <a href="">Bilal</a> has been making a good go of it lately, reminding us that cliches such as "patience is a virtue" and "good things come to those who wait" exist for moments and music like this.

Shafiq Husayn

Shafiq Husayn Feat. Bilal – “Cheeba” Video

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<a href=""> Simply calling this a "video" may do it a disservice. A "hallucenogic cinematic short centered around the sounds of music" might be the better description. The clip captures the layered feel that composes the majority of <a href="">Shafiq En A Free Ka</a>'s songs.


Erykah Badu Feat. Lil Wayne – “Jump In The Air” Video

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<a href="">Ms. Erykah's</a> fifth studio album, <a href="">New Amerykah Part II: Return Of The Ankh</a>, will be in stores on March 30th.

New Amerykah Part Two: Return Of The Ankh

Erykah Badu Feat. Lil Wayne & Bilal – “Jump Up In The Air”

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She told you <a href="">the drizzle</a> was coming earlier.

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Marvwon – The Way Of The Won

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The big homie <a href="">House Shoes</a> sent this over the other day and I've been selfish in hogging this for myself; using it to put a bit of dirt back on my soul after having it sweetened by the plethora of rappers selling out for 15 seconds of fame on the R&B route.

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Video: Bilal Performs “Levels” Live In NYC

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Bilal performing a new track entitled "Levels," performed recently at the <a href="">VTech</a> and <a href="">Plug Research</a> showcase in NYC for CMJ.

Shafiq Husayn

Shafiq Husayn Feat. Bilal – “Cheeba” (Remix)

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As <a href="">Shafiq En' A-Free-Ka</a> album hits stores today, Shafiq Husayn drops off an elaborate remix of "Cheeba," featuring Bilal on the vocals and production by Nottz.

Return Of Mr. Wonderful Mixtape

Bilal – Return of Mr. Wonderful Mixtape

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In what's shaping up to be a real souled out Sunday, Suave sent this one through the inbox the other day.


Scarface – “Can’t Get Right” Video

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It's always good to see a strong song get an even stronger visual to back it up.

The Master Teacher Sessions EP

SA-RA Feat. Bilal & Georgia – The Master Teacher Sessions EP

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Swiped from <a href="">Fresh Selects</a>, SA-RA member <a href="">Shafiq Husayn</a> breaks down two unreleased versions of Badu's "Master Teacher," originally from Nu Amerykah.

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