Hannibal Buress Says Bill Cosby Is A Smug-Faced Rapist

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Hannibal Buress just launched the stand-up bit that may destroy Bill Cosby's reputation as a family man.

where are they now?

Checking In With The Cast Of ‘The Cosby Show’ 30 Years Later

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It's been 30 years since Bill Cosby introduced us to the Huxtables, but what are they up to these days?

The Cosby Show

A Very Important Celebration Of Bill Cosby’s Greatest Sweaters From ‘The Cosby Show’

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NBC's classic sitcom 'The Cosby Show' turns 30 tomorrow, so let's honor it with a little history behind the greatest Cosby sweaters.


Netflix’s Next Batch Of Standup Specials Includes Bill Cosby And Chelsea Handler

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Chelsea Handler will kick off a new batch of exclusive standup comedy specials for Netflix, with Bill Cosby and Chelsea Peretti following.


Bill Cosby Will Return To NBC Next Year For A Brand New Family Comedy

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Bill Cosby is returning to television next year because we need him. We all need Cosby.


Let’s Remember Celebs Besides Newman From ‘Seinfeld’ Who’ve Been Falsely Declared Dead By The Internet

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These celebrities seem to be constantly dying according to social media. You're nobody until somebody falsely reports that you're dead.


How Smart Are Your Celebs? The SAT Scores Are In And They’ll Surprise You.

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See how you match up intelligence wise to all of your favorite celebrities. They're either really smart, or have great publicists.


An Unofficial Ranking Of The 15 Worst ‘Must See TV’ NBC Thursday Night Sitcoms

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The worst sitcoms on NBC's Thursday 'Must See TV' sitcom block since Bill Cosby came along and saved the network in the early 80s.

The Cosby Show

Can Bill Cosby Save NBC’s Thursday Night Line-Up Again?

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Bill Cosby is coming back to NBC with a very familiar-sounding sitcom.


Bill Cosby Told Jon Stewart To Cool It With All The Filth Flarn Filth

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Bill Cosby appeared on "The Daily Show" last night and gave Jon Stewart a hard time about all the cussing he does.


Tonight’s HBO Documentary: Whoopi Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley

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Tonight at 9 PM ET on HBO, the Fall Documentary Series and Whoopi Goldberg present Moms Mabley, the original queen of comedy.


Feel Awkward Watching Bill Cosby Shamble His Way Onto ‘The Tonight Show’

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Bill Cosby made me feel awkward during his visit to 'The Tonight Show' to promote his stand up special.


Bill Cosby Says George Zimmerman Isn’t A Racist, Naturally

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Bill Cosby doesn't want to talk about race and may actually dislike Black people.


To Celebrate Bill Cosby’s First Stand-Up Special In 30 Years, Here’s One Of His Best All Time Bits

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The Bill Cosby bit we still always think of when we see a chatty kid on an airplane.


“Blurred Lines” x “The Cosby Show” Mashup = Greatness!

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A genius woke up one day and thought, "Hmm, I wonder what would happen if I replaced the original Cosby theme song with Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines' and did a little mashup video.

THE 1990S

Team Harlem Nights Vs. Team Ghost Dad. Your Argument Is Invalid

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I'm not sure we'll ever take a better picture than this.


Morning Links: Cosby Gets You Cultured


Legendary clown Bill Irwin getting down on the Cosby Show.

#jimmy fallon

Jimmy Fallon Hosts An Adorable ‘Cosby Show’ Reunion Between Cliff and Vanessa Huxtable

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Bill Cosby and Tempestt Bledsoe join Jimmy Fallon for a mini 'Cosby Show' reunion.


DJ Hulk Hogan Drops The Bass, Corgi Gets The Drop On A Door Jamb, And Links


Today's links, featuring Hulk Hogan DJing, a concert ticket prank, and a Corgi fighting with a door jamb.

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