Former NBC Employee Claims That He Was Bill Cosby’s Fixer, Paid Off Young Women To Keep Them Quiet

By | 18 Comments

“I did a lot of crazy things for him...He was covering himself by having my name on it."


Bill Cosby Allegedly Made Some Odd Requests When He Stopped By ‘The Late Show’ Over The Years

By | 31 Comments

An alleged story from behind the scenes of 'The Late Show' features Bill Cosby making some very strange requests of the 'Letterman' staff.


Watch Bill Cosby Receive A Standing Ovation In Florida Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

By | 74 Comments

Bill Cosby got a standing ovation in Florida during a comedy set. Make of that what you will.


Bill Maher And Seth Rogen Go Hard Against Bill Cosby On ‘Real Time’

By | 33 Comments

Bill Maher made it clear that he is not a fan of what Bill Cosby allegedly did, calling the comedian a creep on 'Real Time.'


Jon Stewart Made A Joke About Bill Cosby Laying Pipe Without Approval During A Keystone Pipeline Segment

By | 12 Comments

Not so fast, Conan & Seth Meyers! Jon Stewart may have actually been the first late night talk show to make a joke about the Bill Cosby rape scandal.


Nikki Giovanni Blasted Bill Cosby In This Fiery 2007 Speech

By | 21 Comments

An old video surfaces of Nikki Giovanni reading Bill Cosby.


Conan Became The First Late Night Host To Tell A Cosby Joke, But Number Two Seth Meyers Did It Better

By | 25 Comments

Conan O'Brien and Seth Meyers break the Cosby joke ice, becoming the first mainstream late-night hosts to make light of the Cosby situation.

don lemon

Twitter Has More Don Lemon Style Suggestions With #DonLemonReporting

By | 2 Comments

Don Lemon has once again derped when he should have herped, and Twitter didn't let it slide. Here are the best jokes from the hashtag.

The Associated Press

Bill Cosby Finally Speaks, Taking Things From Bad To Worse

By | 70 Comments

The AP releases previously unseen interview with Bill Cosby where he addresses rape allegations.


The Way Bill Cosby Allegedly Intimidated This Reporter Is Kind Of Terrifying

By | 35 Comments

Don't f*ck with Bill Cosby. Otherwise, he'll send you dead fruit.


TV Land Has Pulled All Scheduled Reruns Of ‘The Cosby Show’ Following The Latest Sexual Allegations

By | 48 Comments

TV Land removes 'The Cosby Show' from their lineup and the AP releases a very awkward interview with Bill Cosby addressing his alleged rape.

don lemon

Don Lemon Apologizes For His Line Of Questioning With Bill Cosby’s Rape Accuser

By | 15 Comments

After viewers were livid over his questions to a woman accusing Bill Cosby of rape, CNN anchor Don Lemon has apologized.


NBC Pulls The Plug On The Bill Cosby Sitcom It Was Developing

By | 34 Comments

Bill Cosby's career takes another huge body blow as NBC makes a decision on his planned TV show.


Janice Dickinson Is The Latest To Accuse Bill Cosby Of Rape As Netflix Scraps Its Cosby Comedy Special

By | 75 Comments

Former 80s supermodel Janice Dickinson is the newest voice to speak out against Bill Cosby.


CNN’s Don Lemon Asked One Of Bill Cosby’s Accusers Why She Didn’t Bite His Penis

By | 32 Comments

"There are ways not to perform oral sex if you didn’t want to do it."


Bill Cosby Made Jokes About Wanting To Drug Women’s Drinks Way Back In 1969

By | 57 Comments

A search through Cosby's comedy archives turns up a stand-up routine where he jokes about wanting to drug women's drinks.


Bill Cosby’s Lawyer Has Released A Statement Addressing The Recent Sexual Assault Allegations

By | 40 Comments

Following Bill Cosby's awkward NPR interview, the comedians lawyer has released an official statement.


Bill Cosby Refused To Talk About The Sexual Assault Allegations Against Him In An Interview With NPR

By | 50 Comments

Bill Cosby was prodded about the allegations of sexual assault against him on NPR and his response was silence.

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