Hannibal Buress Gave John Mulaney The Perfect Advice For Performing In Philly

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John Mulaney is performing in Philly tonight. He asked fellow comedian Hannibal Buress if he had any pointers.


The National Association Of Black Journalists Ripped Bill Cosby For Invoking Race

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The aging comedian asked the "black media" to remain neutral, but the NABJ president doesn't think race should be an issue.


Bill Cosby’s Wife Took Aim At The Media In An Official Statement About Her Husband’s Rape Allegations

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Camille Cosby targeted the media coverage of her husbands sexual allegations by comparing it to the recent Rolling Stone rape controversy.


Bill Cosby Finally Opens Up About The Sexual Allegations Against Him By Asking The Media To Stay Neutral

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Bill Cosby spoke to the New York Post on Friday and finally opened up about the sexual allegations against him.


BookDrunk: ‘Tinseltown’ Has All The True Crime Drama Of Serial With The Glamour Of Hollywood’s Golden Age

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'Tinseltown: Murder, Morphine, and Madness at the Dawn of Hollywood' is a new book you should read.


Janice Dickinson Unloads On Bill Cosby In A Bizarre CNN Interview

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Janice Dickinson joined CNN and called Bill Cosby a "despicable monster." But did her rant get edited by CNN?

#Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt: Bill Cosby’s Rape-y Tendencies Were ‘A Very Badly Kept Secret’ Amongst Comedians

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Patton Oswalt was a guest on Pete Holmes' 'You Made It Weird' podcast and ended up sharing some strong opinions about Bill Cosby.


The LAPD Is Opening An Investigation Into Bill Cosby’s Alleged Sexual Assault

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Following an interview with the woman behind a recent lawsuit, the LAPD opened an investigation into Bill Cosby's alleged sexual assault.


CeeLo Green Weighs In On Those Bill Cosby Rape Allegations

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CeeLo Green speaks in Bill Cosby's defense regarding rape allegations.


Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Were Taking Shots At Bill Cosby On ‘SNL’ Way Back In 2005

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Remember those subtle shots "30 Rock" took at Bill Cosby? Well, Tina Fey And Amy Poehler have been doing it since their 'SNL' days.


Did ’30 Rock’ Subtly Call Out The Bill Cosby Rape Allegations Way Back In Season 3?

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Was this just an uncanny coincidence or did '30 Rock' make a jab at Bill Cosby five years ago?


Janice Dickinson Gave A Heartbreaking CNN Interview Detailing Her Bill Cosby Rape Allegations

By | 30 Comments

We're warning you now: this Janice Dickinson interview is NOT an easy video to watch.


Richard Pryor Almost Sabotaged His Career Before It Started, And We’re Lucky He Did

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Before finding his true voice, Richard Pryor risked his career as a succesful but boring stand-up comic with a wild display in Las Vegas.

Temple University

Temple University Cuts Ties With Bill Cosby

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Bill Cosby resigns from his role on Temple's Board of Trustees.

#Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt Is Returning To ‘Justified’, Also Comments On Bill Cosby And Twitter

By | 8 Comments

Patton Oswalt said a lot of funny things during a charity fundraiser this weekend. Here's a summary of what we learned.


Jimmy Kimmel’s Bill Cosby Prank Call Seems Oddly Prescient After That Curry Story

By | 13 Comments

In 2002, Jimmy Kimmel made a series of bizarre requests supposedly on behalf of Bill Cosby. The reality would turn out to be much weirder. Coincidence?


Garret Dillahunt Slams Media For Publishing His Wife’s Allegations Against Bill Cosby Without Permission

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'The Wrap,' among others, ran Michelle Hurd's allegations against Bill Cosby expressly against her wishes.

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