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Some Old Friends (And One Stefon!) Returned To ‘SNL’ To Say Goodbye To Seth Meyers

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Watch video of Seth Meyers's final "Weekend Update" from this week's "SNL," hosted by Melissa McCarthy.

Bill Hader Tries To Impress J.J. Abrams By Showcasing The Most Killer ‘Star Wars’ Impressions On ‘Conan’

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Bill Hader's 'Star Wars' impressions are so good, you'll want to cut him open and use him for warmth. That's talent.


Bill Hader Explains The ‘Her’ Cameo You Probably Missed

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Bill Hader had a cameo in 'Her.' You probably hadn't even heard of it.


73 Sports Movies In 73+ Days: ‘Hot Rod’

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This week's sports movie is the 2007 goofball comedy 'Hot Rod,' which starred Andy Samberg as a hopeless, immature daredevil.


Bill Hader’s Alec Baldwin Impression On ‘South Park’ Was The Best Thing On Television Last Night

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The most important part of the premiere was new South Park contributor, Bill Hader's, running Alec Baldwin voice work.


The Highs And Really Highs Of 'The Comedy Central Roast Of James Franco'

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Last night's Comedy Central Roast of James Franco seemed to be very well received, as the comedians in attendance were hilarious and brutal.


Ten Of The Best Jokes From The Comedy Central Roast Of James Franco

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The Comedy Central Roast of James Franco taped last night at Culver Studios. We've collected ten of our favorite jokes along with pictures and GIFs.


Comedy Central Announced The Complete (And Awesome) Dais For The James Franco Roast

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In addition to the names that were announced last week, Aziz Ansari and Andy Samberg will join the dais for the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco.


The Dais For The Comedy Central Roast Of James Franco Is Pretty Great

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While Seth Rogen was already announced as the roastmaster, the dais for the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco will include Jonah Hill and Bill Hader.


Bill Hader Had A Delightful Chat With Craig Ferguson About The Inspiration For Stefon And Everything Else

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A fun discussion about Comic-Con, Hader's SNL characters, and what it's like to write for South Park.


Supercut: SNL Cast Members Cracking Up


On Saturday Night Live, no one is immune to breaking character.

Bill Hader Once Ruined ‘Titanic’ For Some Annoying Sorority Girls At A Movie Theater

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That little rascal Bill Hader ruined the ending of "Titanic" for a group of sorority girls, and got fired from movie theater job for doing so.


Bill Hader Always Wears The Same Shirt, Does A Killer Impression Of His Wife

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No regard for wardrobe or wife retaliation? Bill Hader gets all the respect.

trey parker

Bill Hader Is Joining ‘South Park’ As A Full-Time Writer Next Season

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Trey Parker announced yesterday at Comic-Con that SNL alum Bill Hader will be joining "South Park" as a full-time writer for the upcoming season.


‘Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2′ Has A Delicious New Trailer


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 reunites Anna Faris and Bill Hader as Sam Sparks and Flint Lockwood, respectively, for their latest adventure as Flint realizes that his greatest invention is not only still working, but it’s also pumping out more food animals than ever before.


Here’s The Cut Justin Bieber ‘SNL’ Sketch Bill Hader Called The ‘Greatest Trainwreck Ever’ (And AM Links)

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Enjoy the cut "SNL" sketch starring Justin Bieber and Bill Hader that's called the "greatest trainwreck ever," and the rest of the Morning Links.


People Believe That Andy Kaufman Is Alive And Well In Albuquerque

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With a new Andy Kaufman comedy album due out in July, the comic's fans still believe that he faked his death in 1984 and currently lives in New Mexico.

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