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The Best Of Bill Murray’s Reddit AMA

By | 32 Comments

The one and only Bill Murray answers your dumb questions.

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Please Enjoy This Video Of Bill Murray And Emma Stone Wearing Santa Hats In Hawaii

By | 3 Comments

Bill Murray and Emma Stone are currently in Hawaii, filming either Zombieland 2: Gone Surfin' or Ghostbusters 3: Also Gone Surfin'.

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Watch Bill Murray Make Tongue Twisters His Bitch In A Lost ‘Fun & Games’ Video

By | 4 Comments

Bill Murray was just as awesome and esoteric 30 years ago as he is today.

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Yahoo!’s 30 For 30 On The Final Game In ‘Space Jam’ Is Incredible

By | 19 Comments

The Yahoo! Sketchy team has created a fake 30 For 30 video that breaks down the final game in the animated classic Space Jam.

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Bill Murray Serves Vodka From A Giant Ice Luge At His Annual Christmas Party

By | 2 Comments

Another day, another reason to love the hell out of Bill Murray.

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TRAILER: Grand Budapest Hotel is Wes Anderson at his Andersoniest

By | 68 Comments

The ending of Moonrise Kingdom ended up winning me over, but for a lot of it I couldn't help feeling like Wes Anderson was flirting with self-parody.

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Bill Murray and Brad Cooper joining Cameron Crowe’s crazy rom-com

By | 9 Comments

While he's been doing fine work with music docs, Cameron Crowe's last two  relationshippy comedies, the kind of movies that made his name, didn't get much love - 2011's We Bought a Zoo and 2005's Elizabethtown.

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Let’s Celebrate Bill Murray’s Birthday By Looking At 10 Famous Movie Roles He Passed On

By | 23 Comments

Bill Murray has had a long and diverse career, but it could've been even bigger.

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Bill Murray Channeled His Inner Liberace For His Latest Letterman Appearance

By | 12 Comments

Bill Murray is the greatest. He just proved it once again on Letterman tonight in case you needed reminding.

#bill murray

What's On Tonight: Bill Murray Alert! Bill Murray Alert!

By | 3 Comments

The best (and worst) of what's on TV tonight, including Bill Murray on "Letterman."

#bill murray

Bill Hader Recounts The First Time Matt Stone And Trey Parker From ‘South Park’ Met Bill Murray

By | 22 Comments

Bill Hader regales us with a hilarious anectdote about the time the 'South Park' duo met Bill Murray at the Comedy Central Awards.

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Screw It, Let’s Watch A Bunch Of Clips Of Bill Murray On Letterman

By | 5 Comments

In honor of 30 years together as host and guest, here's a collection of Bill Murray's best appearances with David Letterman.

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The Trailer For ‘The Monuments Men’ Has An ‘Oceans 11′ Meets WWII Kind Of Vibe

By | 13 Comments

If you thought that <a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2013/08/the-new-trailer-for-ridley-scotts-the-counselor" target="_blank">yesterday’s star-studded trailer</a> for Ridley Scott’s and Cormac McCarthy’s The Counselor was great, then you might also find this new trailer for The Monuments Men pretty darn intriguing as well.

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73 Sports Movies In 73 Days: ‘Kingpin’

By | 47 Comments

As some readers, Twitterers and strangers in my Turkish bathhouse have pointed out, there has been a very strange and presumably coincidental trend on cable TV lately, with the random HBO, Cinemax and Showtime channels airing some of these movies that I’ve written about for this <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/tag/73-sports-movies-in-73-days" target="_blank">73 Sports Movies in 73 Days</a> feature within a day or two of posting.

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This Week in Posters: Electro, Bill Murray, & Old Boy

By | 51 Comments

Here's the first official shot of Jamie Foxx as Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

#bill murray

Michael Shannon Told Letterman He Was Once Convinced That Bill Murray Absolutely Hated Him

By | 21 Comments

The endearingly odd Michael Shannon was also a guest on Letterman last night. He did not disappoint.

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