Justin Timberlake Thanked Everybody On Earth Except Donald Sterling Last Night


Leave it to the always charming and funny Justin Timberlake to make fun of Donald Sterling on the Billboard Music Awards.


Katy Perry Made Twitter Accounts Dedicated To Her Boobs Very Happy Last Night

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There's an entire world of Katy Perry's boobs out there for you to explore.


Robin Thicke Was Trying Really Hard To Get His Wife Paula Patton Back At The Billboard Music Awards

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Robin Thicke is pulling out all of the stops to get his estranged wife Paula Patton back.


What The Hell Happened To The Flaming Lips?

By | 13 Comments

The Flaming Lips are now Miley Cyrus' band. What happened?


Watch Kendall Jenner Be Totally Illiterate At The Billboard Music Awards Last Night

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Kendall Jenner was supposed to introduce 5 Seconds of Summer at the Billboard Music Awards last night. It did not go as planned.


King Resurrected: Michael Jackson’s Hologram Performs At Billboard Music Awards

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It's about time music fans from other genres get creeped out by ghost-like performances from their favorites, too.

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Watch The Michael Jackson Hologram Performance From The Billboard Music Awards

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Here's the performance in case you missed the MJ hologram from the Billboard Awards.

michael jackson

A Michael Jackson Hologram Will Perform Tonight At The Billboard Music Awards

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Hope you're ready for hologram memes and moonwalking. Michael Jackson is coming back from the dead.

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Justin Bieber Was Booed And Taylor Swift Made A Funny Face At The Billboard Music Awards

By | 28 Comments

Listen to the boos that serenade Justin Bieber at last night's Billboard Music Awards.


Miguel’s Stage Jump Fail


Miguel attempts to jump from one stage to another during the Billboard Music Awards, and it doesn't go very well -- especially for the ladies whose heads he smashed on his way down.

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