Is FX’s ‘Fargo’ Coming Back For Another Season? You Betcha.

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"Fargo" will return with an entire new cast of characters.


FX Renewing ‘Fargo’ For Season 2 Should Happen Very Soon

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But seriously, how did Lorne get out of that basement?


Robert Downey Jr. Plays Matlock Hollywood In ‘The Judge’

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Robert Downey Jr. goes My Cousin Vinny in David Dobkin's 'The Judge.'


The Top 5 Lorne Malvo Kills From Season 1 Of ‘Fargo’

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Lorne Malvo killed A LOT of people during Season 1 of "Fargo." Here are his top five kills, ranked.


Ten Super Weird Things About Fargo’s Billy Bob Thornton (In Addition To His Marriage to Angelina Jolie)

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Billy Bob Thornton was once married to Angelina Jolie, and yet, that's hardly the strangest thing about him.


Five Takeaways From The Series Premiere Of ‘Fargo’

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"Fargo" debuted last night. "Fargo" looks really good. You should watch "Fargo."


Watch The First Seven Minutes Of The Highly Anticipated FX Series, ‘Fargo’

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FX is giving us a seven minute tease of their upcoming re-imagining of the hit film 'Fargo.' It looks good, don'cha know.


Check Out The Murderous New Full-Length Trailer For FX's Star-Studded 'Fargo' Series

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Billy Bob Thornton talking about homicide, Bob Odenkirk talking about barfing up spaghetti, this trailer HAS IT ALL.


Let’s Watch These New ‘Fargo’ Trailers From FX And Try To Figure Out What The Hell Is Going On

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FX has released ten teaser-trailers. Let's take a look at them all and see if we can figure out what's going on.


Billy Bob Thornton To Star In ‘Fargo,’ ‘Louie’ Will Return In May, And More From FX’s TCA Panel

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FX announced a whole bunch of new shows at their TCA panel, and revealed when "Louie" is coming back, too.

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The WithLeather Interactive Embarrassing Celebrity Baseball Fan Tracker

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With the success of the first installment of the With Leather Awesome Celebrity Baseball Fan Tracker last week, I decided that we had to explore the darker side of famous fans.


Billy Bob Thornton is making a movie about his relationship with Angelina Jolie

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According to Variety, Billy Bob Thornton - writer, director, actor, musician, famously agreeable interview subject - is writing and directing a new film, which reportedly takes as part of its inspiration Thornton's real-life, still-hard-to-believe-it-was-real-life relationship with Angelina Jolie.


Sequel Watch: Bad Santa, True Lies

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The long-rumored Bad Santa sequel took another step towards becoming reality today with The Wrap reporting that Billy Bob Thornton is in talks to return to the franchise, being produced by The Weinstein Company in partnership with Miramax.


Billy Bob Considering a Bad Santa Sequel

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If you asked me what my favorite Christmas movie was, it'd be no contest, because, to my knowledge, there's only one Christmas movie that features gratuitous use of the word "buttf*ck.

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The Rock Loves Shooting People in the Brain

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Anyone who's seen The Rock on Saturday Night Live or late-night talk shows knows that while he may not be DeNiro in terms of acting ability, he's got a certain charm and charisma that seems like it would translate well to action movies, or a project that wasn't a dumb Disney movie for your wiener kids where he wears a tutu.

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Bad Santa can’t stop the Tooth Fairy’s rampage

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Hop up on daddy's lap, kiddies, I've got a couple trailers to share, starting with Faster, starring Dwayne The Rock The Tooth Fairy Johnson and Billy Bob Bad Santa Would-You-Ask-Tom-Petty-That.



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I combined a couple of these stories into one post because they weren't that interesting: Billy Bob Thornton and the Rock.

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A contrite Billy Bob Thornton went on Jimmy Kimmel last night to apologize for being a total dick to that Canadian radio guy for basically no reason.

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