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Cortana: Microsoft Introduces Their Answer To Apple’s Siri And Google Now

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Microsoft has introduced Cortana, their answer to Google Now and Siri. Does it stand a chance this late in the game?

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Bing’s ‘Political Bias’ Filter Is Actually Pretty Interesting


Bing is apparently also the sound of a B.S. detector.


Kindle Fire Will Let You Dump Ads, Force You To Use Bing

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So, one step forward, one step back for the Kindle Fire, then.


Bing Wants You To ‘Bing It On’. Except, Uh, Probably Not.

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Binging It On turns out to mean "Google beats you like a veal".

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While Bing’s Friend Search Is Awesome, Bing Itself Is Still Largely Useless


Bing gives you yet another way to annoy your friends on Facebook.


Has BlackBerry Given Up?


Ever since Apple dived into the mobile market like a drunken brawler, with Google following soon after with a flying kick, the head that's been getting kicked around like a football the most is Research in Motion.

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Is Your Browser Helping Bing Cheat Off Of Google?


There's no part of the Internet more competitive or subject to ridiculous nerd-fights than search, if by "competitive" you mean "sewn up by an aggressive corporation that completely dominates the market.


Is It So Hard To Love Microsoft News?

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Nobody likes a bragger, but let’s face it - when you do something right, you want the whole world to know.

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