Scientists Create Supermice That Can’t Feel Cold

By | 3 Comments

Mice that can't feel cold sounds weird, but it may lead to a new generation of painkillers.


The Science of Love


Find out what drives love biologically, and why we simply love being in love.


New Molecule Makes Cancer Kill Itself

By | 10 Comments

"Cancer Suicide" is no longer a song by a black metal band, but a possible treatment for cancer.


We Were All Female


Gentlemen: Science has a confession.

yep it's real

So We Officially Have Video Of The Giant Squid In Its Natural Habitat

By | 26 Comments

We've never had video of a live, giant squid before. But apparently 400 hours spent at crushing depths finally paid off.


Our Latest Weapon Against Brain Cancer: Scorpion Venom

By | 5 Comments

A creature so dangerous Israelis gave it the nickname 'The Deathstalker' is helping to fight brain cancer. Because even evil has standards.


Three Diseases That Are Actually Cultural Memes

By | 5 Comments

Memes, it turns out, really can be diseases of the mind! O'Reilly was right!

talking animals

Three Animals That Are Probably Making Fun Of You Behind Your Back

By | 2 Comments

These animals can talk. And they don't think much of what you've got to say.

stabby rapist frog

Otton Frog Has Spike Thumb, Is Nothing To Mess With

By | 2 Comments

"Otton frog": Japanese for "creepy-ass frog with spike."


The Blood Of The Young Reverses Cognitive Decline In Old Mice

By | 5 Comments

Yes, that tasty blood of the young can keep you young! Elizabeth Bathory was sort of right! Damn that's disturbing!

slime mold is smarter than some people we know

Slime Mold Has An “External Memory”


So it turns out a slime mold is smarter than many children and more adults we know than we're entirely comfortable with.


How Microbes Will Let Us Explore Other Planets


Turns out microbes are useful little guys!


Octopus Handily Beats Up Shark While Stealing Food

By | 7 Comments

Fear the octopus, for he will end you with his many arms. Or just steal your food and laugh about it.


The Vampire Squid From Hell Turns Out To Be A Bit Of A Letdown

By | 3 Comments

"Vampire squid" is a name that science has wasted on the biological equivalent of that kid in first grade who ate paste. Seriously.


The Science of Procrastination


<a href="">AsapSCIENCE</a> explains how procrastination works -- and how to manage it.


Bees Can Alter Their Genetics When It Suits Them

By | 2 Comments

Bees can also still laugh at Nicolas Cage jokes, which is why whenever they show up at a stand-up night, comics scream "NOT THE BEES!"


The Origins of Cute


Hank from SciShow explains three scientific reasons why <a href="">cute things</a> make us a special kind of crazy.


The Only Known Creature That Could Survive Space


Spaced Out takes a look at tardigrades (or "water bears"), the only known creature on Earth that could survive the extreme conditions in the vacuum of outer space.

nature is gross

Watch Bees Cook A Wasp Alive

By | 3 Comments

It's like a Nic Cage movie, except we'd feel bad if Nic Cage were killed by bees.

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