Universal Warms Up Sony’s Leftovers To Bring Back Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs Biopic


Just a few days after Sony dropped Aaron Sorkin's take on the Apple founder, Universal has pushed the 30-second button on the microwave.


Amy Adams Is Set To Play Janis Joplin In A New Biopic On The Singer

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Long-in-the-works Joplin film looks to be moving forward with the 'American Hustle' star and 'Dallas Buyers Club' director Jean-Marc Vallee.


Roman Polanski Is Prepping A Feature In Poland, Where He Won’t Be Extradited

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Roman Polanski is prepping his next film in Poland, which is apparently a great place to work if you don't want to get extradited to the US on rape charges.

Domestic Violence

127 Hours Subject Aron Ralston Arrested After Domestic Incident

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Guess which subject of an inspirational story of triumph was arrested over the weekend in a domestic incident. I'll give you a hint, he was played by James Franco.


Quentin Tarantino Will Play Roger Corman In ‘Man With Kaleidoscope Eyes’

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Hey, speaking of how a lot of people already knew that Jack Nicholson did a number of drugs in the 1960s, 70s and 80s, The Trip’s producer Roger Corman is the subject of a recent profile in The Telegraph about how the 87-year old producer is still going strong.


Forrest Whitaker takes over producing Richard Pryor biopic

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Richard Pryor is rightly recognized as one of, if not the best stand-ups of all time, and people have been trying to make a movie about him for going on 20 years now.


Phil Spector’s wife sounds super stable

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I didn't follow the Phil Spector murder case all that closely when it happened, and I admit I just assumed it was another Robert Blake/OJ Simpson case, where a dude murdered a female acquaintance and then tried to use the "but I'm famous.

steven spielberg

Steven Spielberg to ruin Stanley Kubrick's Napoleon movie

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It's all but gospel now that Stanley Kubrick once conceived a perfect movie called AI, but died before he could make it, at which point Steven Spielberg took over and added an ending that was just him raining a warm piss stream on Kubrick's dead face.


Every studio told Soderbergh his Liberace movie was ‘too gay’

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Steven Soderbergh's film, Behind the Candelabra, starring Matt Damon and Michael Douglas, is set to hit HBO this Spring, and according to Soderbergh, speaking at the Television Critics Association press tour over the weekend, the only reason it's not getting a theatrical release is that every studio in town told him it was "too gay.

set pictures

Ashton Kutcher's Steve Jobs biopic is called "jOBS"

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As soon as Steve Jobs died, everyone wanted to make a biopic, including, reportedly, Aaron Sorkin, whose version will undoubtedly end with Jobs recanting on his death bed, sorry he ever helped inadvertently invent those meanie blogs ("No, seriously: I have a blog.


Dr. Dre, Ice Cube might cast their sons in NWA movie. Wait, what?

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I haven't heard anything about an NWA biopic (tentatively titled Straight Outta Compton) since they were looking for a director almost three years ago, which would seem to indicate that it's in some stage of development hell (meanwhile, the Margaret Thatcher biopic shot straight to finished product before we heard anything about it.

Halle Berry

Aretha Franklin Wants Halle Berry To Play Her In Her Biopic

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So there's this biopic about Aretha Franklin, and the legendary diva wants Halle Berry to play her.


The Best Is Yet To Come…

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Movie buffs, this is what you've been waiting for.



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