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Christian Bale To Play Steve Jobs In Aaron Sorkin-Written Biopic… If David Fincher Gets His Way

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David Fincher says he'll direct the Aaron Sorkin-penned biopic if Christian Bale plays Steve Jobs.

aaron sorkin

David Fincher Set To Direct A Remake Of The Seminal Ashton Kutcher Classic ‘Jobs’

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Fight Club director David Fincher has signed on to direct a remake of the classic Ashton Kutcher film, 'Jobs.'


Angelina Jolie Is Stealing Olympic Thunder With The Powerful Trailer For ‘Unbroken’

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Tom Brokaw narrates the 3-minute trailer for 'Unbroken,' which tells the incredible story of Louis Zamperini's life as an Olympic athlete and WWII POW.


Miles Teller Is Going To Play Dan Aykroyd In The John Belushi Biopic

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Emile Hirsch let the cat out of the bag that Hollywood's new favorite Average Joe Young Guy Miles Teller will play Dan Aykroyd in the John Belushi biopic.


Death To The Biopic: 11 Movie Concepts That Need To Die In 2014


Death to the celebrity biopic and protagonists who love jazz.

ANDRE 3000

Leonardo DiCaprio As Jimi Hendrix? Keeping Track Of The Many Music Biopics.

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With so many music biopics set to come out, we thought you could use a rundown so you don't think Amy Adams is playing James Brown.


Meryl Streep Might Play Susan Boyle In A Biopic Of Her Life?

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Susan Boyle admitted that she won't actually be in the film version of 'I Dreamed a Dream,' but she's heard that Meryl Streep has been asked to play her.


‘Bad Grandpa’ Director Jeff Tremaine Will Helm The Mötley Crüe Biopic ‘Dirt’

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'Bad Grandpa' and 'Jackass' director Jeff Tremaine will direct 'Dirt,' based on the incredible Mötley Crüe book, 'The Dirt.'


‘Lincoln’ studio plans biopic of Presidents Bull-Moose and Lardass

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Dreamworks, the studio that previously brought us Lincoln, from director Steven Spielberg, based on the book by Doris Kearns Godwin, has acquired the rights to another book by Godwin, the upcoming “The Bully Pulpit: Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and the Golden Age of Journalism," which hits stores November 5th.


Emile Hirsch beat out Adam Devine to play John Belushi

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John Belushi: he's not just your poster anymore! Into the Wild's Emile Hirsch has signed on to play John Belushi in a Warner Bros biopic that's been in the works for at least three years. First an Entourage movie and now this?! I just wish Blowjob Stacy and Date Rape Dave were alive to see this. (*pours jungle juice out on ground*)


The guy who played Bane is playing Elton John in a biopic

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I don't know if it was Ray or Walk the Line or The King's Speech that did it, but Hollywood's obsession biopics has officially gotten out of hand.


Bryan Cranston’s Post-Breaking Bad Career Begins With ‘Trumbo’

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It looks like Bryan Cranston is hopping off the Emmy train and catching the next bus to Oscar Town, <a href="" target="_blank">as Deadline reported</a> that the Breaking Bad star’s first role in a post-Heisenberg era will be as arguably the most important screenwriter to have ever worked in Hollywood, Dalton Trumbo, in the biopic Trumbo.


Colin Firth Is Looking For Revenge And Love In ‘The Railway Man’ Trailer

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Throw some coal into the Oscar fire for Colin Firth, because the man who makes vanilla ice cream seem erotic is back in the new trailer for The Railway Man, the true story of a British soldier who was tortured by the Japanese in World War II only to find himself in the intriguing position of getting revenge on his tormentor many years later.


Universal's James Brown Biopic 'Get On Up' Has A Release Date

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Director Tate Taylor’s follow-up to his 2011 Oscar-nominated adaptation of The Help will be of the biopic variety, as he’s going to take on the Godfather of Soul in Universal Pictures’ Get On Up.



By | 53 Comments

Imagine if they made a movie with Ashton Kutcher, and they gave it ALL OF THE TAGLINES.


Hulk Hogan Wants His Son, Nick, To Play Him In A Movie About His Life

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It was only a matter of time before someone started planning a movie about Terry Gene Bollea, AKA Hulk Hogan, because between the iconic, world champion professional wrestling career and his current status as <a href="" target="_blank">a breastaurant owner</a> and star of <a href="" target="_blank">the 8th best wrestling program on Thursday nights</a>, it’s a story that people would probably love to see.


Everything’s Comin’ Up Gad: Josh Gad To Play Sam Kinison In ‘Kinison’

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The upcoming biopic Kinison will tell the story of standup legend Sam Kinison’s early days as a comic and his transition from Pentecostal preacher to vulgar loudmouth.


Ben Foster to play Lance Armstrong in Biopic

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Hollywood loves biopics, even if audiences don't, so much so that there are currently THREE Lance Armstrong projects in development, plus an <a href="" target="_blank">Alex Gibney documentary</a> from Sony Pictures Classic.


Sacha Baron Cohen Is Out Of The Freddie Mercury Biopic

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Hey everyone, it’s time to rev up the “Another One Bites the Dust” headline generator, because according to our most beloved friend <a href="" target="_blank">Nikki Finke at TOLDJAline</a>, funnyman Sacha Baron Cohen has officially backed out of playing Freddie Mercury in <a href="" target="_blank">the upcoming biopic of the incredibly talented singer’s life</a>.


TRAILER: The Fifth Estate, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Julian Assange

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I've always sort of <a href="" target="_blank">pictured Benedict Cumberbatch</a> as the most British man alive, but playing Wikileaks' Julian Assange in this trailer for The Fifth Estate, the ol' chimney sweep proves himself more than capable of pulling off an Australian accent, unlike, say, anyone in Pacific Rim.

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