This Is What It Looks Like When Your Home Gets Invaded By An Entire Flock Of Birds


What would you do if you came home to find your house invaded by a dozen or two birds? This guy filmed it for our viewing enjoyment.


A Team Of Scientists Got Birds Drunk To See How It Affected Their Singing


A team of scientists got birds drunk to see how it affected the birds' singing. Okay!


A Very Thankful Power Ranking Of Wrestling’s Best Bird Characters


From the Gobbledy Gooker to Jack Swagger's Soaring Eagle, wrestling has given us some bird-themed characters to be thankful for.

#Star Wars

Not The Droid You’re Looking For: This Budgie Sounds Like R2-D2


Bluey the Australian Budgie has learned to imitate Droidspeak.


This Harrowing Video Of A Bear Rescuing A Crow Will Restore Your Faith In Something Something


This bear rescued this bird from the water, and you'll never guess what happened next. (You can probably guess what happened.)


A Guy Was Busted For Drunk Driving In Mexico City Thanks To… His Parrot?


A 49-year old man was stopped by police in Mexico City at a routine DUI checkpoint and he was ratted out for drunk driving by his own pet bird.


Flying From An Eagle’s Point Of View

Experience what it's like to majestically soar through a French mountain range, courtesy of a GoPro-equipped eagle.


Backyard Falcon Surprise

A man spots a young kestrel (falcon) in his backyard and starts filming, only to receive a special surprise.


Bird Sounds Just Like Crying Baby

This pet bird in Afghanistan does a perfect impression of a crying baby.


Sneaky Seagull Receives Instant Karma

A greedy seagull swoops into a kitchen and eats the food off the counter, only to receive some painful payback before making his escape.

wind turbines

Birdwatchers Gathered In Scotland To See A Rare Swift… Get Sucked Into A Wind Turbine


At least 80 birdwatchers traveled to Scotland after a rare White-throated Needletail was spotted, and they watched it fly right into a wind turbine.


Tap Dancing Birdie

This little guy puts the Tap Dancing Seagull to shame.


Gee Atherton vs. Peregrine Falcon

Downhill mountain bike legend Gee Atherton straps some bait to his back and tries to outmaneuver the fastest bird in the world, a peregrine falcon.


Tap Dancing Seagull

What in the name of Fred Astaire has gotten into this seagull.

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