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Happy Birthday To Us! Gamma Squad Turns Four, So Let’s Look Back At This Year And This Corgi.

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Gamma Squad officially launched on this day four years ago, and we haven't needed pants since. For our birthday, here's a recap (and a corgi).


Grumpy Cat Had A Birthday Party, It Was Awful (And Afternoon Links)


Today's afternoon links, featuring pictures from Grumpy Cat's first birthday and video of another cat reacting strangely to a party favor.


Happy Birthday To Gamma Squad!

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Gamma Squad is another year older today. Let's celebrate this birthday with an 'Avengers' GIF and animals celebrating birthdays.


Birthday Dog Celebrates In The Links


20 Most Cromulent ‘Simpsons’ GIFs |Warming Glow| In Case You Were Wondering, Chris Brown Is Still The Absolute Worst |UPROXX| The 10 Definitive Nicolas Cage GIFs |UPROXX| IMPORTANT MOVIE NEWS: Kate Upton Bouncing Has a Supercut |Film Drunk| Get Ready For Haywire 2: Live [...].


Happy Birthday To Us: A Gallery of Birthday Animals

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Tomorrow marks the second anniversary of the day we officially went live.


Birthday Dogs and Links


20 Of The Greatest Flash Mobs Ever Conducted [<a href="">Uproxx</a>] Cupcake Orgy: The Definitive Collection Of Elaborately Themed Cupcakes [<a href="">Uproxx</a>] A FilmDrunk Exclusive: Trailer for The Facts of Life XXX [<a href="">Filmdrunk</a>] The Most Photographed Spot In NYC Sells Mousepads [<a href="">TSS</a>] Remembering A Video Game Classic: Shaq Fu [<a href="">WithLeather</a>] 'Jem don't care.


Happy Birthday To Us: A Gallery of Birthday Animals

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We officially launched a year ago today.

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