Going To MIT This Fall? You’re Getting $100 In Bitcoin!

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MIT freshmen will be getting $100 in cash when they arrive. The twist? It's in Bitcoin.

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The Bitcoin Debit Card Will Surely Not Go Horribly Wrong


Xapo claims to have a Bitcoin debit card up and running... but it's being a little shadier than it should be.

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The Juggalos Now Have Their Own Version of Bitcoin, JuggaloCoin

By | 4 Comments

JuggaloCoin: Because poor life decisions can stack infinitely.


Mt. Gox, Which Desperately Needs Money, Magically Found Millions Under The Sofa Cushions Or Something


Mt. Gox has supposedly found 200,000 Bitcoins that were just lying around. Wow! How lucky and not utterly suspicious!


Here It Is: The Most SXSW Photo Ever

By | 7 Comments

We have found it. The SXSW photo to end all SXSW photos.

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The $350 Million Bitcoin Heist May Have Been An Inside Job

By | 3 Comments

Mt. Gox's Bitcoin heist may have been a lot more than one "rogue" hacker.


Newsweek Appears To Have Botched Its Bitcoin Story

By | 3 Comments

Turns out Newsweek may not have found the creator of Bitcoin. Or the guy is exceptionally devious.

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Newsweek Tracked Down And Unmasked Bitcoin’s Inventor

By | 2 Comments

The man who invented Bitcoin might have just finally been revealed.


A Massive Theft Shut Down A Major Bitcoin Bank

By | 7 Comments

The bad news parade for Bitcoin continues, as a major Bitcoin bank is closing.

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The Bitcoin Implosion Continues As Mt. Gox Files For Bankruptcy

By | 16 Comments

Bitcoin has another setback, as all hope for getting anything out of Mt. Gox dies.


Bitcoin Investors Just Had $350 Million Of Their Money Stolen

By | 25 Comments

Bitcoin was always a bit Wild-West-esque... and that includes major bank robberies.

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Reddit Helped Fund The Jamaican Bobsled Team With Dogecoin Currency

By | 3 Comments

Some Redditors raised approximately $30,000 in Dogecoin currency to help fund the Jamaican bobsled team's trip to the 2014 Winter Olympics.


The Sacramento Kings Are Accepting Bitcoin

By | 2 Comments

The Sacramento Kings have partnered with BitPay to become the first sports franchise to allow fans to pay for tickets and merchandise with Bitcoin.


Kanye West Is Getting His Very Own Bitcoin-Like Digital Currency

By | 2 Comments

In the future, Kanye West's face will replace George Washington's.


Bank Of America Dooms Bitcoin By Endorsing It

By | 10 Comments

Can the Bitcoin fad get any more overheated? Sure can!


Mt. Gox And Dwolla: Your Guide To The Latest Bitcoin Mess


Or, how filling out a form improperly crippled on of the biggest Bitcoin exchanges on Earth.

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Pedophiles May Have Used Bitcoin To Trade Pedophile-y Links And Information

By | 8 Comments

Bitcoin is a lot of things; a symbol, a currency, a philosophy. Unfortunately, it may also be a communication method for pedophiles.


Of Course The Winklevii Own 1% Of All The Bitcoins

By | 6 Comments

The Winklevoss Twins are heavily invested in Bitcoin. Somehow, this does not surprise us one whit.

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To The Surprise Of No One, Bitcoin Is Insanely Volatile

By | 15 Comments

Gee, a fiat currency with no backing or value except what its users grant it varies wildly in value? Who could have seen that one coming?!

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