Michael Jordan

Making A Statement: Michael Jordan And The Bulls-Knicks Rivalry

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Michael Jordan toyed with the whole of the NBA during his career, but he saved his best for the New York Knicks in the 1990s.


Sylvester Stallone Blames ‘Clever’ Arnold Schwarzenegger For ‘Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot’

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With the days of their intense rivalry long behind, Sylvester Stallone said that he used to want to strangle Arnold Schwarzenegger daily.


Today In Important Political Lessons: You Can't Offer NCAA Tournament Tickets For Campaign Donations


Kansas Rep. Tim Huelskamp brewed up a little bipartisan and college feuding over the NCAA Tournament after he tried to give away tickets for donations.


Miesha Tate Blames Ronda Rousey's Success On Fans With A 'WWE Mentality'

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Miesha Tate is still really upset that UFC champ Ronda Rousey has received more attention than the female fighters before her.


A Dolphins Fan Beat A Jets Fan With A PVC Pipe Because Sports Fans Are Morons

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The last time that I attended a Miami Dolphins game was back in 2009 for the first round of the NFL Playoffs, when Baltimore defeated Miami 27-9 at whatever the hell the Dolphins called that stadium back then.


Wyoming Fans Are Sorry, Larry Eustachy

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Earlier in this strange college basketball season, we discussed how some Duke Blue Devils fans allegedly made fun of a NC State player’s personal life by chanting, “How’s your grandma.


Mike Krzyzewski Mastered The Jedi Force While Duke Fans Burned Everything In Sight

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Obviously, when it comes to rivalries, a team’s record doesn’t really matter.


Apparently My House Has Been Relocated To SEC Country

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What you're looking at (courtesy of Jason Kirk at SBN by way of TexasAgs.com) may be one of the greater moments of trolling in college football history.


TCU Billboards Pop Up In Columbus

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Back in November, Ohio State President Gordon Gee told the Associated Press that teams like TCU and Boise State didn’t deserve to play for the BCS title because those programs don’t have strong schedules like the teams in the BCS automatic qualifier conferences.


Jason Taylor Wants You To Love Him


In 2004, then-Miami Dolphin Jason Taylor embarked on a journey of word-swapping with New York Jets fans, starting a bitter feud by calling them ignorant, making fun of their loyalty, and especially trading barbs with Jets superfan Fireman Ed.

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