Former UFC Champion BJ Penn Has Been Arrested In Maui For Assault

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BJ Penn assaulted a guy and got arrested for it, uh oh!


This Is A Horror Movie: The Bloodiest Fights In MMA History

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Just in time for Halloween, it's a splish-splash bloodbath compilation.


UFC 175 Results And Live Discussion: Can Chris Weidman And Ronda Rousey Defend Their Titles?

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Chris Weidman and Ronda Rousey look to defend their titles at UFC 175, while BJ Penn will try to beat Frankie Edgar at the TUF 19 Finale.


UFC 175 and TUF 19 Finale Predictions – WE CARE ABOUT THESE FIGHTS

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Will Chris Weidman be able to defend his UFC Middleweight title at UFC 175? Our panel of brilliant experts weighs in.


The UFC Coloring Book: You Know, For Kids!

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Want to get your kids a great gift? Try the UFC Coloring Book, featuring BJ Penn licking blood off his gloves and Anderson Silva's broken leg.


UFC Fighters Choose Which Super Hero They’d Be, Can Kinda-Sorta Name Super Heroes

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Fuel's Ultimate Answers segment (which I'll pretend is entirely written and organized by Brittney Palmer) asked a bunch of UFC fighters which superhero they would be.


Former UFC champ finds inspiration in… Soul Surfer?

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Soul Surfer, the inspirational true story of a young girl who courageously got her arm bitten off by a shark, became the surprise hit of spring, grossing almost $41 million thus far on a modest $18 million budget, and winning fans along the way.


James Toney To Disable Randy Couture

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As UFC 118 approaches, the headlining rematch between BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar for the Lightweight Championship has taken a back seat to the intriguing debut of former heavyweight boxer James Toney.




Here's a clip from UFC 107 over the weekend where B.



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Tomorrow's UFC 94 ticket offers the most anticipated MMA fight since Randy Couture returned to the UFC to fight Brock Lesnar, as lightweight champ B.



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I haven't posted a UFC-star crossover movie in a while now, but fear not because Never Surrender is here, and it looks almost as good as Beyond the Ring.

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