Black Friday 2014

People Are Already Lining Up For Thanksgiving Day Sales

By | 19 Comments

Two California women started camping out outside of a Best Buy three entire weeks before Thanksgiving.


Jon Stewart Connects The Dots Between Obamacare And Black Friday

By | 11 Comments

Jon Stewart proves once again: EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED. Even Black Friday and Obamacare.

Stun Gun

Check Out This Insane Black Friday Stun Gun Fight And Never Shop In Public Again

By | 15 Comments

This Black Friday stun gun fight is insane. What happened to the soulless consumer rampage from my youth?


This Is Either A Puerto Rican Black Friday Stampede Or A Deleted Scene From ‘World War Z’

By | 13 Comments

The people of Puerto Rico got together to execute a shameful Black Friday stampede, destroying themselves and a Walmart in the process.

wal mart

Here’s Video Of A Man Getting Kicked Out Of Wal-Mart For Videotaping Pathetic Black Friday Madness

By | 14 Comments

Need a good excuse to avoid shopping on Black Friday? This clip should be all the evidence you need.


The Four Black Friday Tech Deals Worth Going Out For

By | 2 Comments

Black Friday is generally not worth it. These four tech deals just might be.


The 18 Best Black Friday Sneaker Releases Of The Last Decade


The best of the best kicks from Black Fridays before.


QoTD: Have You Ever Witnessed A Black Friday Fight?

By | 35 Comments

Don't be shy about sharing your stories, unless charges are still pending.


5 Awkward Things About Thanksgiving That Will Never Stop Being Awkward

By | 10 Comments

Thanksgiving already has it rough being right in between Halloween and Christmas -- your drunk relatives aren't helping.


‘South Park’ Spoofed ‘Game Of Thrones’ And Took On The Xbox One Versus PS4 Console Wars Last Night

By | 8 Comments

Last night's episode of 'South Park' satirized Black Friday, 'Game Of Thrones', and the Xbox One versus PS4 console war.


There Was A Black Friday Weekend Death After All

By | 2 Comments

On Friday we noted that there hadn't been a single death resulting from Black Friday shopping that had been reported. Well, so much for that!


R. Kelly’s “Trapped In The Closet: Part 3″ (Chapters 23-33)

By | 6 Comments

"Everybody's got a closet, and their own problems that need solvin'.


Black Friday 2012 Appears To Be A Deathless One. SO FAR.


I've scoured the web and can't find a single story about anyone dying from being trampled this morning. However, that doesn't mean there hasn't been some good, old fashioned violence!


Black Friday Zombie Shopping Apocalypse


Join the crowds of the undead and kick off your holiday shopping with a melee of bargains and bloodshed.


Colbert On Black Friday: America Is Back, Baby!


Last night Stephen Colbert rather brilliantly satirized Black Friday, the day he described as the time "when Americans wake from their tryptophan-induced comas to trade gluttony for greed.

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