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‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Asks Random People On The Street: ‘Do You Have a Black Friend?’

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In honor of Black History Month, Jimmy Kimmel sent his team out to ask people if they have 'a black friend.'


This Five-Year-Old Kid Rapping In Celebration Of Black History Month Is Just So Stinkin’ Adorable

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This young man has his head on his shoulders and his eyes on the prize.

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California School Celebrates Black History Month By Serving Fried Chicken And Watermelon

By | 27 Comments

Carondelet High School for Girls is in hot water after serving the most racist lunch special ever.


‘SNL’ Gave Us 28 Reasons To Hug A Black Guy This Month

By | 11 Comments

Want to know how to celebrate Black History Month? "SNL" has some ideas.


Released At Last…

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For the first time, Nike will be releasing the Black History Month Air Force 1's to the general public.


3.1 The Cooler

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Sports Sunday With Veezy How To Kill The Music Industry [Torrent Freak] The Backpack Rap Collection [Uggh...Nice Watch] California Mayor Quits Over WatermelonGate [Jossip] Yo Dawg I Herd U Like Memes [Zulkey] NBA Players I Think I Could Beat In A Fight [The Blowtorch] Legendary Broadcaster [...].


Black History Month…Fail…Again.

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While everyone, Al Sharpton included, is lacing up their marching shoes over the controversial "stimulus monkey" cartoon in today's NY Post, I found this one to be just a little bit more on the "that's just goddamn wrong" side of things.


Black History Month…Fail

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"Got a bad heart condition, Still eat hog-mogs & chitlins.


Nike Black History Month Air Force 1

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Nike has been releasing BHM sneakers and this time around it looks like they got it right in terms of colors used & placement.

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