These Six Great Rock Albums Still Aren’t On Spotify


Think you can listen to every great rock album ever made on Spotify? Think again.

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RZA And The Black Keys Made A Video Together And It’s Predictably Great


FACT: RZA and the Black Keys starring in a video together is hazardous to the health of lettuce.

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A Dive Bar Gets Rocked In The Black Keys’ Video For ‘Little Black Submarines’


The new video for the Black Keys' latest release, "Little Black Submarines," is not unlike the video for "Gold on the Ceiling" in that it's basically just a beautifully shot and well-edited version of a filmed live performance.

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Black Keys Sue Pizza Hut & Home Depot, Trash Van Halen


When we last checked in on Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney of the Black Keys, they were sporting ridiculous ponytails for a cameo on Workaholics. So what are they up today.

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The Black Keys Made A Cameo On 'Workaholics' Last Night

I haven't seen it yet but apparently last night's episode of one of UPROXX's favorite shows includes an unannounced(?) guest spot by the Black Keys -- who were sporting long ponytails in court.


Australian Spoon-Playing Lady Spoons The Sh*t Out Of The Black Keys' 'Lonely Boy'


I meant to get to this yesterday but the research behind my hard-hitting thesis on celebrity and web culture took up more of my time than expected.

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Bob Odenkirk Would Really Like To Put You In The Black Keys’ El Camino Today

Despite appearances, the video above is not just a Funny or Die spoof of a local used car dealership's TV commercials.

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