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Val Kilmer chopped his hair off with a knife because he’s sane.


I've heard enough stories about Val Kilmer being nuts that I believe them, and true to form, Kilmer joined the Black Lips onstage at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin over the weekend, taking a chainsaw to an amplifier, screaming non-sequitirs, making out with the band, walking in a walker, and eventually chopping off clumps of his own hair with a knife.

val kilmer

Val Kilmer Destroyed An Amp With A Chainsaw, Shouted 'Rock And Roll Is Dead' During Black Lips Concert


The seventh best Batman also destroyed an amp with a chainsaw. Classic seventh best Batman.

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Black Lips’ ‘Noc-A-Homa’ Is An Ode To Chief Noc-A-Homa, The Former Mascot Of The Atlanta Braves

When I was a kid, I was a huge Atlanta Braves fan. One thing I'd forgotten about from that time was the Braves' in-stadium mascot, "Chief Noc-A-Homa," a (presumably) real life Indian who cheered on the team from a teepee inside the stadium. Yeah.

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Black Lips Channel Beastie Boys For ‘Raw Meat’ Video

The timing for Black Lips to release a video playing corrupt New York City cops is impeccable, isn't it.


Even The Black Lips Are Mouthing Off?


A few other Band Of Ballers participants have had their say (Watch: Southern Hospitality "practice" and Jim Jones' trash talk) and now the Black Lips are running off @ the mouth too.

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“And All You Other Cats Taking Shots At Jigga…”


Words By Contraâ„¢ So, apparently some obscure "flower-punk" band has decide to prop a ladder against the throne and climb atop the immense pile of idiots on Jay-Z's sac.

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