Funny, Sexy, And Awesome Cosplay Of The Week

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It's that time of the week when we post a mixed bag of intriguing cosplay we've spotted recently. Some sexy, some funny, some cute, and some awesome.


Batman To Fight Non-Assassin Villains Including The Joker In ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’

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'Batman: Arkham Origins' to feature The Joker, Penguin and other familiar villains...


A Compendium of Cool Comics Cosplay: January 27th


It's time once again for our Friday comic book cosplay feature, spotlighting the best superhero (and villain) related costuming from the cosplay community.


“Batman: Arkham City” Looks All Right

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A new "okay, that was awesome" trailer is out for "Arkham Asylum" follow-up "Arkham City" (new trailer below, previous trailer Europe (in yo' face, rest of the world.

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