The 10 Best Bad Boy Singles Not Made By Biggie Smalls

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Give Puffy some credit for maintaining a roster that can stand behind the massive legacy of the Notorious one.


Black Rob Feat. Snaggapuss & Sadat X – “Can’t Make It In NY (Remix)”

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<a href="">Black Rob</a> and <a href="">Sadat X</a> appearing on the remix to Rob's "Can't Make It In NY" is a good thing, but not the draw.


Black Rob – “Sand To The Beach”


Black Rob invokes an old playerism as the title for his latest leak off Game Test, Streets Approved.


Black Rob – “Celebration”


The ex and current Bad Boy by the name of Rob Harris signed to Duck Down Records a little back and has been relatively quiet ever since.


Black Rob – “Ventilation” Video

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<a href=""> "Now I'm coming back like I left something..." Black Rob's walked a hell of a road over the years. His struggle is well known, and if you've forgotten, the not-so-subliminal shots throughout this song bring it quickly back to mind. But instead of dropping off the face of the map, being content with his run and wary of the climb back, he's returned with a record to be proud of. It may not be the next "Whoa," but <a href="">"Ventilation"</a> is Black Rob on a mission, spitting furious bars with no hook over sterling production.


Black Rob – “Delusional”

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<a href=""> Continuing on his post-prison release therapy, <a href="">Black's</a> back with another new record for your sound system.


Black Rob – “Ventilation”

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<a href=""> "I don't need conflict, I'm a convict..." Yo Shyne Po, this is how you come back to rap after being regurgitated out the belly of the beast. Fresh out of prison and into the studio, <a href="">Black Rob</a> releases "Ventilation" from his upcoming Game Tested & Streets Approved mixtape.


The iPod Shuffle: Black Rob’s “I Love You Baby”

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I think we'll start letting the iPod shuffle (working title) to see what songs make appearances.


Black Rob – “I Dare You” Remix

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After I heard about it, it took a minute to find this bad boy (no pun).

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