#Taylor Swift

Watch Black Simon and Garfunkel Take On Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’

We don't remember these characters in that star-studded video...


Black Simon And Garfunkel Give Us A Very Solemn Cover Of ‘Uptown Funk’

'The Tonight Show' brought everyone's favorite cover band back by request to perform 'Uptown Funk.'


Live That Fantasy Of Black Simon & Garfunkel Covering 'Royals'

You can never be(at this Black Simon and Garfunkel cover of "Royals").

#jimmy fallon

Black Simon & Garfunkel Sing A Folk Song For A New Generation On 'Fallon' (And The Morning Links)


Jimmy Fallon welcomes Black Simon & Garfunkel into the studio to a sing a One Direction song, and the rest of the Morning Links.

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