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Rockwell Knuckles – “Flow So Cold”

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"Keep a brainiac on payroll/to watch for the Dave Kleifelds & Fredos that get ya' hit.

We Got Now

Gotta Be Karim – 10,000 Apples (Mixed By Trackstar The DJ)

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Sit and think about the insurmountable odds you have to face to get attention as a rookie in the rap industry, let alone on the Internet.


Hey St. Louis, Red Bull Music Academy Workshop


The Where: The Duck Room at Blueberry Hill in St.

To Serve With Love

Your Daily Funk – “Evil Love”

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EDIT -- Bring it back & add another track since Jay stole all the limelight last night lol.


“Gettin’ High Watchin’ Family Guy…”

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The minor sh*tstorm that came about regarding Black Spade, Charles Hamilton & "Shinin'" made me go back & pull out To Serve, With Love.

To Serve With Love

“To Serve…Or Get Served”

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I've seen this posted a few times already but since I'm on a Black Spade kick right now, I'm going to make sure we highlight it as well.

We Got Now

“Introducing Nato Caliph…”

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Understandably, DJ Trackstar's a busy guy, but he's been holding out on us y'all.

The Cool Kids

The SXSW Recap: The Unabridged Version

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Preface this whole thing by saying that my memory is not the best.


“The Show & Prove State”

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Pics By Peace.Images Track managed to send over some pics from the Pangea (comprised of Wafeek & Rockwell Knuckles) show that went down a week or so ago.

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