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BlackBerry Can’t Find Anyone Who Wants To Buy It

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BlackBerry's attempt to sell itself was apparently not quite as successful as hoped. Ouch.


BlackBerry Is Trying To Sell Its Offices, A Sign That It May Be Done For

By | 10 Comments

BlackBerry continues to try and stave off the inevitable, this time with real estate sales!


BlackBerry Is Dead. It Just Doesn’t Know It Yet.

By | 8 Comments

BlackBerry is headed off the stock market in a private sale, and it's likely soon. But why?


BlackBerry Finally Decides To Sell Itself

By | 2 Comments

BlackBerry is going to sell itself in hopes that somebody wants to buy it.

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The BlackBerry Q10 Is Insanely Popular In Britain

By | 3 Comments

The BlackBerry Q10 has a lot of fans in England, apparently.

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The New BlackBerry Z10 Looks Good, But Might Cost Too Much

By | 7 Comments

The BlackBerry Z10 looks like a well-considered piece of hardware with an equally well-considered piece of software. But it might also be too pricey.


Pirates Have Been Reselling Android Apps On The BlackBerry Store

By | 4 Comments

The five remaining BlackBerry users are about to get some very bad news about the app store.


RIM: We’ve Totally Got A Shot At Number Three

By | 2 Comments

RIM really wants you to buy a BlackBerry, but are doing a terrible job of selling it.


Blackberry Has Officially Reached The Desperation Point With Weird ‘Keep On Lovin’ You’ Video

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Anyone who has owned a Blackberry recently knows that it is utterly f*cked. Now it appears that desperation is truly beginning to set in.


Some Stores Have Literally Stopped Selling BlackBerry Devices


Fewer and fewer BlackBerries are getting plucked. RIM, on the other hand, might be pretty much plucked over.

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RIM Continues Slow Death, Admits It May Start Licensing BlackBerry


As we've recounted in the past, Research In Motion is about to go the way of Palm.


BlackBerry Is Officially Dead Meat

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<a href=""></a>You might hear a vast sucking sound, to the North.


BlackBerry Might Split Itself In Two


<a href=""></a>Remember when we told you Research In Motion, the owner of the formerly popular BlackBerry, <a href="">might not make it to the end of 2012</a>.


RIM Eats $500 Million Thanks To a Bad PlayBook


We recently predicted that <a href="">RIM wouldn't make it to the end of 2012</a>, and frankly, since then, they haven't done much to argue otherwise.

if a network dies and nobody is on it does anyone care?

BlackBerry CEO Apologizes For Service Going Down, Remaining Loyal Crackberry Users Jonesing

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Been on the fence about getting an iPhone, what with it now available on two networks that don't wildly suck.


Has BlackBerry Given Up?


Ever since Apple dived into the mobile market like a drunken brawler, with Google following soon after with a flying kick, the head that's been getting kicked around like a football the most is Research in Motion.


Will Androids Survive The iPhone 5?

By | 5 Comments

For the past month, I have been performing the daunting task of picking a new cell phone to replace by seemingly outdated Blackberry Curve.

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