So, Who Still Uses A Blackberry?

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The final stats from fourth quarter smartphone sales are in.


RIM Eats $500 Million Thanks To a Bad PlayBook


We recently predicted that RIM wouldn't make it to the end of 2012, and frankly, since then, they haven't done much to argue otherwise.


10.24 The Cooler

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Courtney Lee Dominique Wilkins Sued Over Arena Fight [AJC] Google Mulls Buying Yahoo [Mashable] Waka Flocka Confirms Suge Knight Will Help Steer Career [XXL] Rappers, Marriage, & Baby Food Flavors [R&WIFDP] Parks & Meth: ‘Breaking Bad’ Meets ‘Parks & Rec’ [Uproxx] Maryland, Tulsa Rock Insanely Ugly [...].


BlackBerry CEO Apologizes For Service Going Down, Remaining Loyal Crackberry Users Jonesing

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Been on the fence about getting an iPhone, what with it now available on two networks that don't wildly suck.


RIM’s Stock Drop = The Official Beginning Of BlackBerry’s Ending?

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Last week Apple announced their newest mobile operating system, iOS 5, and we subsequently predicted the beginning of the end of BlackBerry maker RIM.


Has BlackBerry Given Up?


Ever since Apple dived into the mobile market like a drunken brawler, with Google following soon after with a flying kick, the head that's been getting kicked around like a football the most is Research in Motion.

The Man With The Iron Fist

2.9 The Cooler

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Will Androids Survive The iPhone 5?

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For the past month, I have been performing the daunting task of picking a new cell phone to replace by seemingly outdated Blackberry Curve.


3.28 The Cooler

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Sunny Couture Sony Shuts Down Beyonce's YouTube Channel for Copyright Infringement [Gawker] Jadakiss To Release ‘The Champ Is Here 3 Mixtape May 1st [HHNM] How Much Money Do You Make Compared to the Athletes.


The Text Message Movie Ticket

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Since the year is 2010, it's time we started acting like it, right.


It’s A Miracle And No One Cares

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The iPod for Generation Y is like the Walkman times a hundred, thousand trillion.


The Great Delay Of 2010…

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A couple of weeks ago, the Blackberry’s Messenger crashed, sending panic to a world of cell phone-dependent addicts.


8.20 The Cooler

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Big Business With LeBron James

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In Part 1 of LeBron's interview with the.LIFE Files, he talked about everything from Michael Jordan and Jay-Z to Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.


“Check It At The Door”

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Since they have a "Blackberry checkpoint" before entry, I wonder how many people get stripped of ownership of their cell phones @ the Oval Office.


4.7 The Cooler

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Felicia For Your Titillating Tuesday Nike Fall/Winter 2009 Collection Preview [Sneaker News] Sarah Palin Calls Her Daughter’s Former Fiancé Levi Johnston A Liar Seeking Fame [The Life Files] Lil Scrappy Join's Luda's Disturbing Tha Peace [RGF] Missing Girl Sandra Cantu Found Dead In Submerged [...].

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