What Ever Happened To The Cast Of ‘The Blair Witch Project’?

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From moving furniture to smoking weed to impressive character acting, here's what 'The Blair Witch Project' cast is up to now.


Watch Bigfoot Kill All The Hip Millennials In The Trailer For ‘Exists’

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That's right. This is a trailer to a bigfoot slasher flick. And it's just as lame as you are imagining.

unnecessary sequels

‘The Purge: Anarchy’ And Other Sequels You’ll Probably Forget Because They Don’t Feature The Original Cast

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Sequels in theory are made to expand and deepen the original film's story and characters. That's not the case here.



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*Rec 2 (yes, there's an effing dot in the title) is the sequel to the Spanish zombie movie Rec - you may remember Quarantine, the American remake.

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