‘Just Call Me Helium': Jimi Hendrix’s Final Interview Gets Animated Beautifully


"If things get too heavy, just call me helium, the lightest known gas to man."


Tupac In 1994 Interview: ‘Everybody Wants To Use Me…I Have No Friends…I’m Already Dead’


I have a feeling that some of what Tupac says in this interview will only fuel the "Tupac faked his death and is still alive" crowd.


This Animated Version Of Tupac > Tupac Hologram


"Everybody wants to use me on every level...I have no friends, I have no resting place. I never sleep. I can never close my eyes."

jerry garcia

Listen To And/Or Watch Jerry Garcia Talk About Making Music On Acid In This Amazing 1988 Interview

"We just set up the equipment. Everybody got high. And stuff would happen." -- Jerry Garcia


Hear Kurt Cobain Discuss His Childhood And His Sexuality In This Lost 1993 Cassette Tape Interview

In 1993 Kurt Cobain sat down for a brief interview with Jon Savage. It was recently found on cassette tape and has been set to animation by PBS.


Listen To Two Teenagers Interview Louis Armstrong In His Underwear In 1964

Here's an interview with Louis Armstrong conducted by two teenagers in 1964 that aired on their high school radio station in Illinois.


This Animated Wilt Chamberlain Interview Is The PBS Of Taiwan Animation


We talk a lot about the esoteric weirdos who make those wacky Taiwanese animation videos where Tim Tebow gets literally crucified and hockey fights turn into graphic dismemberments, but sometimes its nice to see actual animation, where the people involved took the time to make it clever or interesting or pretty or not full of random stabbings.

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