‘Deleted Scenes’ Reveal How Women Keep Perfectly Groomed In A Disaster Movie

If you ever wondered how the women in disaster movies manage to stay perfectly groomed, these deleted scenes reveal their beauty secrets.

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The Stars Of ‘Jurassic World’ Would Like To Remind You That ‘Jurassic Park’ Was Great


Steven Spielberg says 'Jurassic World' is like seeing 'Jurassic Park' come true.


Studios Are Churning Out More Blockbusters Than Ever, And Losing More Money Than Ever. But Why?


Studios are releasing more and more blockbusters, and generating huge losses. How does this make business sense?


Gary Payton Is Sad About Blockbuster’s Bankruptcy

You might not remember Blockbuster since we're currently in a period where everyone's got high-speed streaming services and video on demand, but the movie rental chain used to be the best place to find movies to watch at home.


SNL: Blockbuster Employees

FULL RECAP: SNL HOSTED BY LADY GAGA Blockbuster employees cope with the closing of the video chain.


Blockbuster Video’s final rental was ‘This is the End’, because SYMBOLISM.


Blockbuster Video's final in-store rental was, fittingly, 'This is the End.' May they now fall into a crack in the Earth and be consumed by lava like Michael Cera's character.


Blockbuster Video as we know it will be dead by the end of the year, and good riddance.


Blockbuster Video as we know it will be dead by the end of the year. Join us in bidding good riddance to one of the worst companies of all time.


Blockbuster Rises Like a Phoenix, And Promptly Crashes

We made fun of Blockbuster and Dish previously, but, realistically, they could have brought some pain to Netflix -- after all, they're two respected brands, and Netflix is embattled lately.

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Dish Brings Blockbuster Back From the Dead?

Of all the recent corporate citizens to die a painful, protracted fiscal death, Blockbuster was the most deserving of them all.

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On Diddy, Blockbuster And A Thing Called Karma


Dish Network, who clearly has a few hundred-million bucks sitting around and needs a tax write-off, bought out Blockbuster for $320 Million.


What’s Happening In Movie Rentals?

Blockbuster is a bit like Paris Hilton: somehow considered attractive despite all the blatantly obvious flaws and problems.


Detroit Will Pay You To Take A House. The Catch? The House Is In Detroit.

News in the house Detroit Mayor Dave Bing -- who recently tweeted that there won't be a RoboCop statue in Detroit, only to see people raise the funds for it anyway -- has come up with a better tactic to lure people back to the city.

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TRON:Legacy Behind The Scenes, 15 Minutes Of Olivia Wilde Flirting


So, I'm not too sure if anyone has heard about this upcoming movie called TRON:Legacy, set to release on December 17th, but I think it's about high school techno raves or something -possibly it's got that guy from Facebook in it, maybe- maybe not.


"Everything you need to know about Blockbuster's bankruptcy"


Blockbuster filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last week with plans to close down as many as 800 stores (interestingly, their $1 billion dollars of debt is only a fourth of MGM's), and in response, Consumerist created this infographic.


Blockbuster's Bankrupt. Will Netflix Drop The Ball?


Blockbuster have finally set into motion "pre-arranged" Chapter 11 proceedings.


The DVD Is Dead, Long Live 3D TV?

If you had asked me five years ago if I could imagine a world in which digital music and high definition movies would replace CDs and DVDs, I would have turned down my WinAmp and paused my VHS copy of Witness and told you that you were crazy.


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Remy Red Blockbuster Shutting Down 500 Stores To Save $200 Million [SVI] One Of Rick Ross’ Baby Mother Sues 50 Cent For Releasing Her Sex Tape [RTNY] Ke$ha Was More Talented When She Was 13 [Broken Cool] Echo Chamber: Erykah Badu [Pitchfork] Alicia Keys Says Fans Can Expect More Music From Latest Album [Billboard] The Sexiest.

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Redbox, the $1-movie-rental vending machine business with over 20K kiosks in 17.


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Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Brazil Gets A Beginner's Guide To Pedobear, the Internet's Favorite Pervert [URLesque] Rihanna Interview Draws 82 Million Viewers [Contact Music] Hilary Duff, Short Skirt Time [Me & Isis] The Creepiest Wonder Woman Product Ever [Comics Alliance] Hahahaha.

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