Surreal Ad For ‘Reactvertising’ Skewers Advertisers With Lame Twitter Accounts

Are you tired of ad agencies that hesitate to exploit any trending hashtag? Reactvertising™ is here to shift the f*ck out of your paradigm.

#video games

Video Game Journalism Class Premieres At The University of Iowa


IGN and The University of Iowa have partnered to offer a video game journalism class which started its first semester last week, and we know what's on the syllabus.

#video games

The 39 Headlines You Need to Become a Successful Video Game Blogger


If you read a lot of gaming blogs, you soon realize there are only so many things to be written about video games.


What Not to Say: Six Surefire Ways to Get Lectured by Internet Commenters


(img: xkcd) I've worked from home as a full-time blogger for about three and a half years now.

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How To Get Your Blog In Front Of Everybody You Know

So, you're writing the most profound political entries, the wittiest movie reviews, and the smartest fashion commentary, all in one place.


The Twitter Zombie Novel: Teaching a New Dog Newer Tricks

By now you're familiar with the social media craze that's swept the internet.


P. Diddy, Please Leave Twitter Alone…


Thank you Diddy, for protecting me from myself.

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