Aubrey Plaza Gave Aziz Ansari A Vial Of Her Blood And Hair As A ‘Parks And Recreation’ Going Away Gift

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Aziz Ansari stopped by 'Conan' and shared this funny story about Aubrey Plaza's bloody gift to him after the end of 'Parks And Recreation.'


The Truth Is Finally Revealed About Bears Being Attracted To Menstruation

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So are bears naturally drawn to women who are menstruating or was Brick from 'Anchorman' lying?

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The Blood Sport Controller Draws Blood When The Controller Rumbles

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Tired of video games only eating up your free time? Now they can drain your blood, too!


Prepare Yourself For A Most Gruesome Cauliflower Earsplosion In A MMA fight

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The problem with lower level MMA is that there's simply so much of it and sometimes the really cool stuff goes unnoticed for a long time.


MMA Fighter Leslie Smith Nearly Lost Her Ear At UFC 180 And Here Are The Gruesome Results

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Jessica Eye punched Leslie Smith's cauliflower ear at UFC 180 and it turned SUPER GROSS


This Is A Horror Movie: The Bloodiest Fights In MMA History

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Just in time for Halloween, it's a splish-splash bloodbath compilation.


There Will Be (Mass Produced, Artificial Human) Blood

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Researchers at the University of Edinburgh have discovered a way to coax human stem cells into producing artificial blood.


Slovenia’s Jasmin Popara Teaches A Master Class In How To Make Somebody’s Head Explode

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Slovenia's Jasmin Popara wins the bloodiest 2-minute MMA fight you'll ever watch by making his opponent's entire head explode. Not literally, but it's close.


A Soccer Goalie Got His Face Removed By An Opposing Player’s Cleats

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A soccer goalie had his face torn and bloodied when an opposing player stomped him in the face during a game. Warning: it's pretty bloody.

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Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD & Blu-Ray: Star Trek Into Tyler Perry’s Darkness

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Obviously, Star Trek Into Darkness is the big DVD this week, which gives us at least one more chance to use that screen-grab above of Alice Eve from the movie.


Who’s Up For A Clip Of A Rally Car Passenger Vomiting Up Blood All Over Himself?

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A rally car passenger started throwing up, then started throwing up blood, and the entire escapade was captured on video. Uh, gross?


The Best And Bloodiest Fistfight Over A 45 Cent Debt You'll See Today

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Two guys got into a street fight over a 45 cent debt, and the results are hilarious.


Mass Effect’s Medi-Gel Made Real: This Gel Stops Bleeding Instantly

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Wouldn't it be nice to have something similar to Medi-Gel in real life? NYU student Joe Landolina is now seeking FDA approval for Veti-Gel.


You Can Now Build Yourself A Beautiful Bovine Blood Bungalow

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You can now build a house out of cow blood bricks. The housing market is saved!

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Eye Bang The Full 'Game of Thrones' Season Two Trailer

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The cold winds are rising, but you can wrap yourself tightly in two full minutes of new footage from the upcoming season two of "Game of Thrones.


Gene Therapy Treatment Surprisingly Useful In Four Hemophiliac Patients


Google image searching "hemophilia" is horrifying, so here's a cat checking her blood pressure instead.


We've Found the "Endless Blood" Stem Cell?


One of the greatest hunts in medical science has been for the hematopoietic stem cell.


Your Blood Will Totally Snitch About Your Age


Just in case those nosy crime scene investigators don't have enough ways they can get us with blood evidence (you'd think they'd be fine with just DNA.

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