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Right On Cue, Rush Limbaugh Said Something Impossibly Stupid About Robin Williams Committing Suicide

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Rush Limbaugh would like everyone to know that Robin Williams killed himself because he was a liberal. Or something.


Stephen A. Smith Is Now Defending Ben Roethlisberger

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Someone who loves Stephen A. Smith -- if such a person exists -- should really tell him to shut the hell up.


Rush Limbaugh Thinks That By Hiring Colbert CBS Has Just Destroyed America Or Something

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Right-wing talk show host Rush Limbaugh weighed in CBS' decision to hire Stephen Colbert to replace David Letterman this afternoon. He's not a fan.


Bill O’Reilly: Megyn Kelly Was Right About Santa Claus Being White

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Well you didn't think Bill O'Reilly was just gonna sit back and let Megyn Kelly soak up all the War on Christmas controversy for herself, did you?


Report: Alec Baldwin Has Been Fired By MSNBC

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No word on whether Baldwin received a set of steak knives as a parting gift. We'll update as this story develops.

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The Internet Must Have Boned Aaron Sorkin’s Girlfriend. That’s The Only Explanation At This Point.

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Aaron Sorkin's disdain for the web can only be explained by infidelity and betrayal. Nothing else makes sense.

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Not Even Arch-Conservatives Care To Listen To Donald Trump Bloviate All Over The Place Anymore

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CPAC organizers said they invited Donald Trump to speak at their event because he was wildly popular with attendees. Well, actually, maybe not.

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Alec Baldwin Apparently Lost It Again, Allegedly Called A Black Photographer A ‘Crackhead’ And A ‘Coon’

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Is Alec Baldwin a towering a-hole? Yes, absolutely. Is he also a racist? Let's sure as hell hope not!


Donald Trump Calls For Jon Stewart To Be Fired For Making Fun Of Herman Cain


When we last checked in on human exhaust pipe Donald Trump, he was being disemboweled by Jon Stewart for taking Sarah Palin on a hot date to arguably the crappiest pizza joint in all of New York City -- and then proceeding to eat his crap pizza with a goddamn fork.

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