James Toback says Robert Downey was only interesting after “sucking 200 d-cks for crack.”

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Charismatic charmer James Toback says Robert Downey Jr. was a lot more interesting after he "sucked 200 dicks for crack."


Tonight's HBO Documentary: James Toback & Alec Baldwin's 'Seduced and Abandoned'

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I hope you've been enjoying HBO's fall slate of documentaries, because tonight they have an extra special treat for us: an insidery look at the film marketplace from one of the all-time great Hollywood blowhards, James Toback (also Brett Ratner's housemate, at one point).


Jon Stewart To Ted Cruz: ‘You’re F*cking With Us, Right?’

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Jon Stewart was not amused by Ted Cruz's fake filibuster. Shocking, right?


Donald Trump Calls For Jon Stewart To Be Fired For Making Fun Of Herman Cain


When we last checked in on human exhaust pipe Donald Trump, he was being disemboweled by Jon Stewart for taking Sarah Palin on a hot date to arguably the crappiest pizza joint in all of New York City -- and then proceeding to eat his crap pizza with a goddamn fork.


James Toback’s Awesomely Blowhardy Letter to Scorsese & Co.

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When Deadline recently reported that Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Departed writer William Monahan would be working on a remake of the semi-autobiographical, 1974 tale written by James Toback, The Gambler, James Toback was sad, because no one had called him :-(.

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Donald Trump: Blah blah, blah blah, blah

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Human horsesh*t dispenser Donald Trump -- a reality show star and alleged part-time billionaire businessman who somehow once managed to run a business, a casino, universally hailed as one with an infallible economic model into bankruptcy -- was on the Today Show AGAIN this morning, for some reason, spouting off about how great he is and how much Obama sucks, blah, blah, blah.

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