Here’s A GIF Of Little Blue Ivy Adorably Jamming To Her Mom’s Music At The VMAs

Little Blue Ivy with some serious dance moves during Beyonce's performance.


A Woman Who Isn’t Beyoncé Claims She’s Blue Ivy’s Mom


Some people want Beyoncé's autograph. Others desire her child.


Beyonce Cried Like A Baby Onstage During The Last Show Of Her Tour


Beyonce unloaded some tears on the audience during the last stop on her world tour. Someone get her some tissue, she's making a scene.


Beyoncé Performed At Michelle Obama’s 50th B-day Bash And She Has The Behind-The-Scenes Pics To Prove It


Beyoncé, Jay Z, and Blue Ivy visit the White House for First Lady Michelle Obama's 50th birthday party.


Jay Z’s Bodyguard Was Fired For Allegedly Masturbating To Photos Of Beyoncé And Blue Ivy


This is a very uncomfortable story involving a dead bodyguard, Beyonce, and Blue Ivy.


Jay-Z & Beyonce Started A Tumblr To Post Photos Of Blue Ivy Carter


There are two reasons and two reasons only why people in the public eye release news or intentionally do something newsworthy on a Friday evening.


Feminist Jay-Z Is In A Respectful State Of Mind

Earlier this week, a rumor was going around that Jay-Z had renounced the word bitch since Beyonce gave birth to their daughter Blue Ivy.


Jay-Z’s 100th Problem Is What To Do About The Word ‘Bitch’ When He Performs ’99 Problems’


It's been said by just about everyone who's been a parent that becoming a father has a profound effect on a man.


Jay-Z Already Wrote A Song About Blue Ivy Carter

For as long as I can remember one of my life goals has been to inspire someone write a song about me.

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